Thursday, March 5, 2015

I didn't give anything up for lent...

I actually decided to add something to my life. Blogging, but in a richer sense. I am going to journal 40 entries. I'm a wee bit behind on posting them so please forgive me as they get posted in waves. I'm using a book I found on amazon with journal prompts to make it slightly more interesting and random. And of course to make it a tad bit easier to stick to. There's only so many times people want to read about my fairy tale life, weird job with college students, and crossfit.

Journal Entry 1:

Declare your independence. Write a declaration of independence from...

Chocolate and Coffee--> beans....Beans --> vegetables... Get your vegetables at

Bad vegetables.yup my journal, my entry. I don't like very many vegetables, and I like even fewer cooked. Mushy. And smelly. They smell when you boil them. Recently I started drinking my vegetables. But that hasn't really been that much better. Although the people who are around when I'm drinking them probably enjoy the funny faces more than my husband does when my nose is crinkled up trying to eat a vegetable at night. So here's a declaration

I solomly swear I'm up to no good: 

I shall eat no more iceberg lettuce
I will open all the windows when Brandon boils broccoli and refuse to eat it
I shall douse my edamame in soy sauce for the win 
I will consider adding vegetables like mushrooms to my omelets 
We will buy and eat corn even though Brandon claims it does nothing for the body.

This is a hella weird post. But it's late and I'm not sure I had anything else noteworthy to delicate my independence from. I'm sure my parents will be less than impressed as I'm sure they spent my entire childhood convincing me to eat my vegetables.