Thursday, June 30, 2011

Apartment Living without the Rent!

It's finally happened! I'm officially placed in a fabulous 2 bed-room apartment in Laurel hall up on the hill! I have a kitchen, living room and a study (I'm not sure what I'll do with this). It's an all Women's building and the majority of them are Greek. I have the majority of things I'll need, and I think I've decided I will do the bathroom in chocolate and teal.

We're back safely from the beach and about to have a 4 day weekend full of venue tours, haircut appointments, firework extravaganzas and baseball games. Here's some pictures of the new place!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Honeymoon anyone?

Yesterday I was suppose to be blogging about my wish list for a honeymoon, but between Brandon coming up for the weekend, getting ready for the beach AND traveling and shutting down a total red neck spot for our wedding, I wasn't very motivated. It feels as if the honeymoon portion of the program is never going to get here!

I will say the fiance has ruled in and said if funds weren't an issue, he'd pick Bora Bora. I don't even know where that is but it sounds good to me. Disney and Hawaii are out for the obvious reason.

I'm signing off for now as I am about half way to the beach with all 5 of us in the Hyundai. If anyone has any great honeymoon destinations (on a budget) I'm all ears. Stay tuned for couples I admire.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Wedding Vows

Today's topic is what would you want in your wedding vows...

"You wear white and I'll wear out the word I love you." 
           - Train 

Between the to have and to holds, and the "I Dos" I want it to be meaningful, and significant, slightly funny and most importantly, me. I'm not going to compose my wedding vows on here, as my future husband reads this thing and that would be just as bad as showing him the dress before I walk down the aisle.

So for now I'm looking towards the lyrics, and hoping that when the time comes I'll be able to mix theirs with mine, and come up with just the perfect vows.

"It's a love story and I'll always say yes." - Taylor Swift 
"I knew right then and there in that first second stare, it would be awhile." - Sister Hazel 
"I'm gunna love you more than anyone." - Gavin DeGraw

"It starts in my toes, makes me crinkle my nose. Wherever it goes, I always know. You make me smile, please stay for a while now."
                  - Colbie Caillat

Thursday, June 23, 2011

This drives me crazy... Seriously

Today's post topic is about what drives me crazy about other couples. This reminds me of something I found while browsing Blogs called "Seriously?! Thursday". It's from a cute blog called From Mrs. to Mamma, and while I've never linked up, I thought this was a good place to start. Before I start on the Seriously, here is what drives me nuts about couples.

  • The whole first six months periods, the lovely dovey don't notice anyone around you time. Don't get me wrong I know that I am a vicitim of this as well but it still drives me nuts.
  • When finances are slanted towards the guy just because that is the "traditional standard"
  • The constant Facebook updates- whether it be breaking up and removing it from Facebook, or constantly having statuses about the details of your most recent date, fight, dinner, outfit correspondence etc. FBO (Face Book Official) is great, but stop clogging up everyone's feed every 3 hours your relationship changes.
  • Set text message signatures regarding the couple and their ever lasting love. It is SO annoying to get your text and have it followed by "heart, forever (insert initials, symbols and/or pet name here)"

Seriously... This is now the THIRD time I've tried to post the seriously portion of the program, maybe it's not meant to be. GRRR

Seriously... Bugs, Bats and really just anything that gives me the heebie jeebies appear to be following me and I am definitely allergic to mosquitos. 

Seriously... On Sunday five people will ride in one Hyundai, 6 hours to the beach. Do I need to say more?

Seriously... I'm not sure if it's the heat, chasing after children or just the fact that I have the time to consider dozing off, but around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, naps just sounds so appealing. I'm not a napper, this has got to stop.

Seriously... I went to AutoZone to buy a new headlight, and instead got to walk away with my current headlight simply reattached by a very nice gentleman, all for the price of FREE! 

So link up, and let me know seriously, what annoys you about other couples?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mm this could spark a conversation...

Today's topic is how you and your lover differ ( I hope you understand how difficult it was for me not to insert fiance there, as that word has become my current all time favorite)

  • He's a night owl, I however awake no later than 8 am, typically around 730 and immediately begin the day (involves but is not limited to working out, typing louding on the computer, or whining that I would like to go to breakfast asap)
  • I eat condiments. Lots of them. Mixed together. Even if I can't pronounce the name. He eats nothing with any sort of sauce or unknown element. He doesn't touch ketchup, mustard, cream cheese, sour cream, and he won't even take the mayo OUT of the fridge for me to make my own sandwich. He doesn't even let the Subway homies cut his sandwhich in half for fear of where that knife has been. Hmm maybe I should start a blog devoted to him (just kidding honey!)
  • Competition. I'm the girl that ran cross country for one season and instead of passing people when they slowed down or got injured I asked them if they needed help and happily with an "excuse me" let others pass me. He however thrives on competition, backyard games, Angry Birds, and of course the Gym. He does Crossfit, this is based on friendly group interactions and competition. If anyone talks to me in the gym, I'm pissed.
  • He's home runs, I'm all about some touch- downs. I was raised eating and breathing the NFL, I'm a lifetime Denver Broncos fan and spent Sunday and Monday nights watching the game with Dad. Bran is a lifetime baseballer, he picked up a bat at age 3 and has just finished playing college ball. When we first started dating I didn't know a single rule (still don't understand them all) but I have grown accustom to watching Baseball Tonight and he has adjusted to Blue and Orange Country ;) 
*Insert- funny image of Bran and I (funnier hair style on Bran* Blogger won't let me put a photo =(

Differences keep things interesting and fun, how do you differ from your significant other?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It wasn't me!

Mmm, I should have realized that with all the fun that I had with yesterday's post that today's would be oh so much harder (obviously I don't have relationship flaws ;) ).

My Faults in a Relationship

  •     I am an arguer (this does not only apply to romantic relationships but all of them), I will stand my ground even when I've been throughly proven wrong
  • I always want to change the sheets when I am turning down the bed to crawl into them, usually when we have to be up very early the next morning and should be going to bed
  • I can't cook. It's okay, I'm working on it and will one day feel comfortable in some kitchen some place (maybe not Earth). We could even bump this up to say that I'm simply not domesticated, including but not limited to sewing, home decorating, outfit coordination and definitely gardening. 
  • I am a back seat driver. Even more so when I'm in the passenger seat. 
  • I am addicted to Bags, Bins and Bedding (all Linens really). 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lovable Qualities

On May 27th, I got engaged but before that even happened I was having a hard time coming up with topics to write about. Sometimes I come up with great things, but realize that either 1. to the general public they wouldn't be interesting or 2. they are simply not appropriate for everyone out there in cyber world to read. So here is my compromise, for the next week (7 days) I will post a new love list. I stumbled upon this series in one of my Listography books and have decided to give it a shot. Feel free to participate ;)

Lovable Traits
     1. Freckles- these are ALWAYS lovable
      2. I will always text you back- probably quickly because my phone is attached to my opposable thumbs
      3. I would rather be the one getting hurt than watch someone I love suffering
      4. My love language is notes and small gestures of appreciation, therefor you can always count on me to leave you a note when I leave
      5. I may not enjoy siting through movies, but I am a sucker for any criminal show (Law and Order, NCIS, Criminal Minds etc.)
     6. Being from Hawaii and being an Aquarius (and maybe the lifeguard certification) assure me of confidence in the water and possibly teaching you and or your children how to swim ;)

That's all she wrote (for now anyways)!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update on 101

I'm about to start a series of love lists, in honor of the fact that I got engaged almost a month ago!! (And also an attempt to get me back in the swing of blogging)

On October 4th, of 2010 I made the infamous 101 in 1001. It has been 258 days and I figured it was time to re-look at it and see the progress I have made in a little over 1/5 of the time alloted to accomplish it all!

101 in 1001

Physical/ Health

  1. Run 3 miles on a regular basis instead of 2; For the past month, I've ran at least a 5k when I run =)
  2. Continue going to yoga/pilates (LOVE IT!) 
  3. Get into hiking or trail running
  4. Run the Cooper River Bridge 10 K!
  5. Swim a mile as my rule not the exception
  6. Try one cleansing / detox diet just to see what it’s like
  7. Find one other type of class I enjoy, Zumba, Jazzercize, etc.
  8. Use my drive to exercise to benefit others- participate in run/walks for non-profit organizations
  9. Go to at least one Crossfit session with Bran!
  10. Take and pass the Beach lifeguard physical portion exam
  11. Continue taking a multi-vitamin and bump it up with adding Vitamin C and possibly a few others


  1. Educate the new members we just brought through their new member period in order to leave behind a good legacy: Members have been educated, and my term has officially finished.
  2. Successfully host the Greek 101 program for all Greeks: I think this was sucessfully  hosted and completed, October 23rd.
3.Confidently finish my Officer Term with a bit more assertiveness than before: I officially handed over my position December 7th, 2010. I think I'm more assertive...
4..Finish out with a 3.9 overall GPA Graduated with a 3.85 overall, close but no cigar
5. Get my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology WOO! Graduated on May 14th, 2011
6. Get into the majority of the programs I applied to for Grad School- Got into USC, Tennessee, Western, and App. Canclled my review on FLorida application because I had decided on UT already =D
7.Obtain my Master’s Degree in College Student Development
8.Get a certificate in Leadership and Organization to better set myself up at as an asset to get hired
9. Learn to speak Thai


1. Get hired as a Head Guard at an outdoor pool
2. Teach private swim lesson full time one summer
3. Hold an assistantship the entire time I’m in Grad School
4. Get hired as a Greek Advisor
5. Find a job near where Bran is finishing his Doctorate
6. Be on an exec. Board at a college to get my foot in the door
7. Begin working my way up through a University that has opportunities for me to advise and organize student affairs programs
8. Write a small piece or column for a local magazine or newspaper
9. Give back in some way whether time or money to Tri-Sigma possibly as a chapter advisor somewhere but not at my own chapter
10. Make the big girl change to a BlackBerry to be able to manage everything on the go- Got an Iphone!  End of January 2011


  1. Start paying off my college loans (don’t incur too many during Grad School)- Made my first payment of 50 WHOLE dollars yesterday, 6/18/11
  2. Stash money to help with my brother’s college
  3. Get someone to give me a freaken credit card
  4. Save up enough to do DisneyWorld right: This is an almost, I will be going to Disney in May but it has been financed through someone else so I'm not sure how this one will be dealt with...
  5. Have at least $5,000.00 in savings
  6. Be able to send money when asked thru Alum Relations for Zeta Lambda
  7. Start a small savings account for a house down payment

1. Stop being such a chicken and take a baking class; to make cupcakes and cakes like I want to.
2. Make at least 2 meals at home a week
3. Make carrot cake from scratch
4. Make funny bone cake from scratch
5. Plant a garden and grow some of my own vegetables
6. Own my very own palm tree, even if it’s in a little pot
7. Get a kitten when I have a big girl apartment for Grad School
8. Learn to cook Chicken Melanesas
9. Become a bit more fashionable- add accessories!; I just went out with Christmas money and got sweaters and some fashionable accessories.
10. Turn Sigma t-shirts into a quilt- March of 2011 Mim (brandon's Grandfather) and I created this masterpeice
11. Learn to sew well enough to make curtains and fix buttons
12. Buy a pink vacuum
13. Bump up my sheet thread count- ie price range when buying sheets
14. Have decent fingernails that I can actual paint- I've been doing a great job with this, they aren't daggers or anything but they are long enough to paint! 
15. Frame a picture I took from Hawaii to use as a center piece for a room
Personal Growth

1. Find more time for writing, blogging and composing
2. Stand up more often for the little things instead of waiting for a big issue to fight for
3. Discover more about Buddhism (possibly through visiting Thailand)
4. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a clothing drive
5. Become a Big Sister through Big Brothers/Big Sisters
6. Finish my listography books
7. Stay in touch with my sisters via snail mail
8. Coach a little league soccer team
9. Teach the twins how to drive a stick shift
10. Learn to exhibit more on the outside what’s going on inside instead of assuming others know what I’m feeling without actually saying it
11. Hold others to the standards I hold myself
12. Strive to teach others through action and not lecture

Traveling Shoes

1.Make a trip to visit all the schools we’ve applied to NC State, Chapel Hill, Tennessee, USC etc.- Have visited and decided that I will be at Univeristy of Tennesse in a month, and the fiance =D will be at UNC Chapel Hill. 
  1. Go back to The Big Island of Hawaii
3.Bring Bran to meet the family in Charleston, WV
4. Head to Denver, Colorado (maybe see a Bronco’s game)
5.Go to Fenway Park
6. Visit my Little in Saint Louis Missouri
7. Hike a small part of the Blue Ridge parkway
8. Take a cruise to some exotic tropical spot
9, Drive to Florida for a Vacation- May 24th, Bran and I drove from NC to FL for our Disney and Engagement 
10.Visit mile marker 1
12. Go back to Kentucky and see another Wildcats Game
13. Visit a Spanish speaking country

Pixie Dust Stuff

  1. Become Engaged to my Prince Charming- On May 27th, Brandon proposed to me in front of Cinderlla's castle the moment we walked into the Magic Kingdom. 
  2. Take professional pictures “fairy tale style”
  3. Go to a Denver Broncos Game
  4. Be kissed in Cinderella’s castle at Disney- See above!
  5. Eat more exotic fruits like mangos, kiwis and pomegranates
  6. Decorate a room all by myself
  7. Own a blender for smoothies
  8. Make a CD for family of guitar playing and singing
  9. Own a yellow pair of rain boots; For our 3 year anniversary Bran got me a pair of these!
  10. Get monogrammed towels!; Same here =)
  11. Spend a whole evening in a book store getting a bunch of books I’ve always wanted to read but never had the time
  12. Get certified in Scuba Diving
  13. Bring Bella back from Mim and Pops
  14. Ride on the back of a motorcycle just to see what it’s like
  15. Get a specific perfume
  16. Have a fish tank with some exotic fish
  17. Buy a pair of skinny jeans to wear with boots; Over fall break in October 2010 I bought a black pair, LOVE THEM!
  18. Go to a wedding! I’ve only ever been to my parents renewal of vows
  19. Go out in a rain jacket and rain boots and stomp in a really really huge puddle
  20. Find the love notes from Bran from my summer away at camp
  21. Start a DVD collection
  22. Own and play the piano again. Possible compose again as well.
  23. Spend one entire day really and truly playing hooky
  24. Learn to water ski/ go tubing
  25. See a white Christmas; Christmas 2010 was DEFINITELY a White Christmas. We were in West Virginia and there was 3-6 inches on the ground and more falling =)
  26. Get a set of those tumbler cups with my initials in them


Since I was 12 I have been making the largest chunk of my money from watching children. Aside from the first job as a coffee girl, and hostesstessing at a hoity-toity restaurant I've done it all. From day camps to sleep away camps. From traveling on vacation with kids, to teaching them how to swim I've pretty much seen the gamet of tantrums and attitude, drawings, crafts, buggars, Nike Jr. songs, and lots of smelly diapers.

Now that I'm officially engaged ( fairy tale proposal story to come later) I still prefer hanging out with other people's kids, than even engaging in the idea of having (and birthing) my own offspring. So I wonder, is this opinion going to stick around because of all of my exposure? Don't get me wrong I absolutely looove watching kids, hence the volume of jobs involving them but I just like being able to give them back.
And the whole pay part doesn't hurt either :)

My fiancé ( I'm never going to get tired of that word!) says that we, and by we I mean women are always attracted to children because their heads are largely disproportionate to their bodies. Whatever it is, I sure like kiddos, but do I love them enough to have my very own?