Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The First of Last.

I'm going to start this off with the fact that it just took me almost an hour to get onto this darn thing and now I can't even remember what I was going to blog about.

I can't believe I'm a senior. I can't believe we just watched the hypnotist for the last time. I cannot belive that I am all moved in and settled for the last time at Wingate University.

It's the last year of cramped cafe food and smelly staircases. It's the last year of Wingate repairmen knocking on our doors, and the last time I'll watch incoming freshmen struggle between teenage years and adulthood.

But more importantly it's the last chapter meetings, and my last semester as an officer. It's the last time I'll live this close to all of my best friends, and the final year of occupying the bat cave. The last round of new girls coming through that I'll actually personally know.

I think the lasts will be even better than the firsts, and somewhere just on the other side of my final last walk through the quad I bet I'll find all new firsts.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Craziness that is my Life

Upon arrival at my house from an amazing get away with the boyfriend, I was pepper-sprayed with things I had to do and it hit me directly in the forehead just how quickly summer has gone by. I have SO much to do before I head up north to drive 16 hours down with my best friend from New Hampshire to North Carolina.

I not only need to pack my car 3 days in advance to actually driving it to Wingate, but I also have to box and bin up my entire room and closet. There's thank you gifts to give for swim moms and co-workers and only 2 days left to do it in. Not to mention that I think I'm a work-a-holic in that I worked 13 hours today instead of taking it nice and easy.

But I do know one thing. I'm incredibly blessed to be here in this moment and although I probably don't have the time to be creating a blog about basic nothingness, I thought I'd capture one more moment before I keep going within this hurricane.

That's all for now. More to come as I begin classes and I'm sure there will be a grand post about the 16 hour car drive with the Bat Cave.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Fall, Where are you??!!

I think this happens with every season. By the last few weeks of one season, I find myself chomping at the bit for the next one to begin. This summer is proving to be absolutely no exception! I'm soooo tired of going into work, and this heat is killing me. Where oh where is my vacation. On this other side of the next two days lies a 5 day vacation with the boy to Williamsburg! Although I did just discover last night that we will not be escaping the heat at all...

I don't think I've ever been this ready to go back to school and start classes. I'm ready to see my sisters and I'm definitely ready to be wearing long sleeve shirts with shorts on the bottom. Fall might be my favorite season. But perhaps as mentioned before I'm impartial to whichever season is about to begin. The whole season concept is still a new one I'm adjusting to seeing as in Hawaii it's sunny and 85 with a cool breeze coming off the ocean ALL YEAR ROUND! The only thing that defines our winter, is bigger waves.

I'm now not only counting the days but the hours, minutes, and seconds I spend in this small town watching unruly children run a muck in the heat. They are as miserable as I am, but I'm quite sure that half way through the fall when the degrees begin dropping and I switch my tank tops to coats and boots and gloves, I'll be wishing I was back in these good ole' summer evenings instead of up to my ears in applications and papers.

You'd think these self-revelations would make me appreciate the season I'm currently in... Maybe I'll go have a popsicle for summers sake.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Frieda's Fan Fiasco

After a forty five minute swim lesson, four red lights, and three minutes behind schedule I found myself laying with my palms pressing into my purple mat. I wiggled my toes and tried to find my happy place. Poo-lates for the second day in a row. I"m actually liking it quite a bit. Perhaps it's because it's 45 minutes of quiet stretching. QUIET being my favorite part...

But usually I attend a Thursday afternoon class. There are a few scattered mats on those lovely afternoons. In contrast this morning I stumbled in late and wedged myself someone whom the teacher kept talking to so I assume she's new and then to my left is Freida. Shes probably about 65, but I didn't even notice her until a petitie asian woman asked the instructor to come cut the back fan on. At this point my legs are in table top and I'm focusing on my core so I'm a bit ticked off that anyone is talking at all...

And then Freida begins. "OH! I can't have that fan off. Linda turn it off." She's speaking in some accent I can't place and I'm trying to inhale hee, exhale hooooo. She keeps talking getting louder and louder. Someone mumbles "Why don't we lower the setting?" Mind you I'm now in a assisted teaser and trying to envision long lean muscles. The petitie but not so shy asian woman retorts to Freida with "Why don't you wear more clothes!" Um, can I please point out freezing Frieda was wearing long pants and a t-shirt. She retorted with "Look at what I'm wearing!"

I have now completely lost all thought of chee or chai or whatever it is that I'm suppose to be thinking about and am trying hard not to let Freida see me smirking. At this point poor Freida states "I JUST GOT OUT OF THE HOSPITAL." How the hell were we suppose to know that, and why are you in Pilates?! Finally to the entire classes relief this woman throws her giant water-bottle and moves, surprising closer to the asian woman.

Eh, I suppose in the long run I ended up with more room to continue working those long lean muscles but I'm pretty sure poor Freida's day was ruined. I think I'll stick with my typical Thursday afternoon classes. I'm pretty sure the old ladies in the back were making sexual comments to top it all off.

What a Friday.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Ain't Nothing

::"This ain't nothing time can't erase, this ain't nothing MONEY can't replace."::

We are constantly in motion, working for a dollar or running from place to place. How often do we stop and think that we simply can't take these things with us. When we leave this place behind it won't matter what you drove or the name stitched in the back of your shirt.

Sometimes I lay in bed and rewind to a moment and I want to shake the then me. Did I remember to kiss my mom goodnight, or tell my brothers I loved them? Will the extra hour truly make a difference on next weeks paycheck? Did I say goodbye before I slipped off to the next place?

As I come to the age teetering on the edge the grownup world, I make daily promises to myself in hopes of staying away from the fast lane and missing the moments that actually count. Sometimes the dollar signs look so promising but where will they be when I see my Makers face. What puts me to ease and into a sweet place when it darks in my bedroom is the thought of everyone who I love, loving me back. So the next time I see the opportunity I'm going to squeeze a little tighter and stay a little longer.

Let that car rushing by you go on ahead, he'll be sitting at the next red light and you can smile and wave. The next time your longing for someTHING, stop and put that energy into someONE.