Monday, April 23, 2012

National Princess Week!

Yes, it is a real holiday! The first one actually. We kicked it off here in the residence hall with Disney Trivia and goodies from Bath and Body Works and some nail goody bags. I also got in the spirit by decorating with princess things and of course balloons! However, I just want to point out that Pochantas and Mulan were not featured, and Ariel is hard to find as well. I know I know they aren't actually "princesses" but still... Diversity people!

As Julie Andrews is the creator of this holiday, I am going to leave you with some tips on ways to celebrate this great week of princess-ness! She is collaborating with Disney and Target!

Perfect your curtsey

Wear a tiara- In my case I wear them every year on my birthday but I will take this opportunity to wear it around the office.

18th Birthday! 

Practice your curtsey- You never know when you'll need it 

Cultivate someone else's inner sparkle- I shall be sending snail mail out and about, so keep an eye out for it ;) 

Design or build your own castle- currently my office is a treehouse, but we had a sign hung today that says "It's not easy being a princess, but if the crown fits!"

and last but not least Listen to Princess Music: 

And I could go on. And on. I love Disney if you haven't noticed. And I know that many people are against them, but I'm a firm believer in following your heart and that dreams can come true. {so hopefully no one posts something negative about Disney princesses}


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Oh yeah, I am so excited for sandwhiches. I gave up bread, pasta, and rice for lent and now that I can have it again I'm honestly not sure what to do with myself. I missed pizza (which normally I do NOT eat) and pbandjs. Weird right?

And now back to "You are good at things"...

  • Converting regular names into nicknames- let me get to know someone for about a week and I have some crazy nickname for them. I have noticed the pattern that I like to add the y sounds onto names. But I don't often stop there. I'm sure it's annoying for most... I also like to call people by their full name if they often go by a nickname. Aka Jess (my boss) I like to say Jessica when I'm emphasizing a point.
  • Blowing straw wrappers across the table- Okay this one should be paired with flicking straws to make the extremely LOUD pop sound in the middle of resturants. While I don't embrace this I somehow find myself doing it so I suppose it can go on my list
  • Guessitamting- I hope Bran is reading this and cringing. I think my system is great. I ALWAYS round up even when it goes against the rules of rounding we learned in elementry school. Therfore I get to the checkout and usually midly suprrised by the price because it's often a dollar or so less than I think. So yes I am a guesstimating queen, I don't care what Bran says =)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

That fine line between love and obsession...

Okay so for any of you that know me, you know about or have actually seen the obsession that is Taylor Swift cards. For the past two years my now fiance and I have sent them back and forth, and before we actually lived in different states we would just give them to one another for holidays or just because.

It all started with me seeing these beautifully sparkly cards in Wal-Mart and loudly sighing and announcing that I would just LOVE to have one of these cards for my collection. The next holiday rolled around and in my card Brandon wrote, "I'm sorry this isn't Taylor Swift, I couldn't' find any cards!" Well the next time I was at Target I found not only one but a WHOLE RACK of Taylor Cards. Just to be a pain I got quite a few and gave them to him to make my point.

From then on it's been war. And I benefit from both ends! He has an American Greeting Store near him in Chapel Hill so he has that leg up, but recently I found a website where you can personalize her cards. So currently I am winning!

However, the other day Bran asked me in a tiny voice, when are we going to stop buying Taylor Swift Cards?  While I was caught off guard by it, he has a point. The other portion of the story is the fact that we not only save and cherish the cards (okay so that's my thing but still), I actually frame them. Here are just a few of the frames...


We already have about 8 frames and at least 5 or 6 more to make with the cards we have. So it is with a heavy heart that I have come to realize that my Taylor love (aka obsession) may be coming to an end. We decided that if we see a really cute card that we will get it, but that we will start mainly sending normal mail.

So thank you Taylor Swift for making these wonderful cards that have become a wonderful memory in my home, and my homes to be. They have brought me lots of joy and have made long distance love, just a little easier to face. I can't exactly explain my attatchment to them, and while I am excited to be one step closer to not need to send mail from Tennessee to North Carolina, I am a bit melancholy to see the extravaganza coming to an end.

I will however stay on the lookout for her greeting cards for weddings... All is not lost ;) 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's 11am

And I've written a paper on Nathan from One Tree Hill (Yup that was for a class, I also have to do a presentation on it. I love my classes that sit in circles and talk about feelings. somedays.), made crepes for myself and a staff member who decided she didn't like strawberries, more crepes for me, and also decided the fate for the greek award for IFC chapter president of the year. Impressed? I am!

I'm going to go get these stupid linen pants I've been talking about for two weeks now because they are finally on sale. If Brandon is reading this I'm sure he is relieved, however he also will quickly realize that once I have the pants I'll probably talk about how scratchy they are. Aka linen pants. Think they will shrink? Cuz I'm sure I'll complain about that too!

That leads me to the first of the checklist for today. From my handy dandy book you are good things...

  • Wearing pants- yup I'm good at it. Although I may be better at wearing skirts. Or perhaps I just like like skirts more. 
  • Always having candy- I take after my mother in this sense, there is always a piece of chocolate on the table or some cookies in the cabinent. And lately there is ALWAYS Ben and Jerry's half baked in the fridge. A girl's gotta have her ice cream, even if it's for breakfast! 
  • Sending thank you notes- I have to admit this is one that I'm really really proud of, and get REALLY REALLY annoyed with when people don't do the same. Even if it's via facebook tell me thank you when I send you something dangit. I always do hand written thank you cards for Christmas and Birthdays, and even just little things. Common people it's the little things.

That's all for today. Stay tuned for more little things YOU could be good at! 

Friday, April 6, 2012

You Are Good at things

So I have to let you know that I've not only been MIA from my blog but also from Pinterest, which is so much quicker and easier so that should speak to something. But I feel like I will be making a comeback as my school load is quickly reducing with the school year winding down. And what also is contributing to my comeback is the little book that I just picked up! It's called You Are Good at Thing by Andy Selsberg.

It's basically a checklist of all the things one could be good at, without ever having realized it. I laughed a little when the clerk took me to the self-help section but I suppose that makes sense. In that it's making you see things you are good at in a whole new light. So without further ado, here are a few from the first few pages that have sparked some thoughts. Stay tuned for more!

  • Knowing just how high you can toss a baby before it gets dangerous- Okay so maybe I'm not checking this one off, but it did make me chuckle because that is probably one of the ONLY things that attracts Brandon to children at all. The fact that he could totally freak me out by tossing it up into the air and catching it, preferably in places with sharp objects on the floor and perhaps fans spinning above.
  • Using Q Tips responsibly- I'd like to take this moment to let everyone know that while the package does instruct you NOT to use them in ears, but I have been able to use them in my ears for 22 years, responsibly. 
  • Announcing that you could make a salad at home for cheaper- Guilty. I am always going to restaurants or eating out in general and saying things under my breath because it's so darn expensive for someone else to make your food, but alas it's also so convenient. #realworldproblems right?

So with that being said, I'm signing off for the night. Feeling very rejuvenated about the blog world, and that fact that maybe I do have more to say.