Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today I tried to eat sushi with a fork

...and failed. Contrary to popular belief just because my father is Thai does not mean that I am very good at chopsticks. I pretty much suck with them. But it probabbly would have been better than tryin to use this fork. Eventually I said screw it, and ate with my fingers. Classy right?

You should have seen me yesterday. I got a dissapointing phone call and idioticly took it in my office. Then I was trapped looking like a squinty puffy marshmellow (I look terrible when I cry). It's been a rough two days, I'm not sure if they are going to get better or worse. I hope better.

  That's me, watching my future. But not living in it. Oh the self-pity. I promise to do better tomorrow.

Monday, November 26, 2012

101 in 1001: ReCap

Okay so I thought I had done an update recently... Apparently recently in my bloggin' mind meant almost a year and a half ago... On October 4th of 2010 I made a giant list of 101 things I wanted to get done before July of 2013... This was a hefty list and when I do it again I'll be more to the wise of putting actually trackable things on there.. however as I had a miniature panic attack and realized, I have less than 7 months to do some of this stuff. Let's hope I'm in a better place to get it done than I was last July when I did the last recap...

101 in 1001

Physical/ Health

  1. Run 3 miles on a regular basis instead of 2; For the past month, I've ran at least a 5k when I run =)
  2. Continue going to yoga/pilates (LOVE IT!) 
  3. Get into hiking or trail running
  4. Run the Cooper River Bridge 10 K!
  5. Swim a mile as my rule not the exception
  6. Try one cleansing / detox diet just to see what it’s like
  7. Find one other type of class I enjoy, Zumba, Jazzercize, etc.
  8. Use my drive to exercise to benefit others- participate in run/walks for non-profit organizations
  9. Go to at least one Crossfit session with Bran!
  10. Take and pass the Beach lifeguard physical portion exam
  11. Continue taking a multi-vitamin and bump it up with adding Vitamin C and possibly a few others


  1. Educate the new members we just brought through their new member period in order to leave behind a good legacy: Members have been educated, and my term has officially finished.
  2. Successfully host the Greek 101 program for all Greeks: I think this was sucessfully  hosted and completed, October 23rd.
3.Confidently finish my Officer Term with a bit more assertiveness than before: I officially handed over my position December 7th, 2010. I think I'm more assertive...
4..Finish out with a 3.9 overall GPA Graduated with a 3.85 overall, close but no cigar
5. Get my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology WOO! Graduated on May 14th, 2011
6. Get into the majority of the programs I applied to for Grad School- Got into USC, Tennessee, Western, and App. Canclled my review on FLorida application because I had decided on UT already =D
7.Obtain my Master’s Degree in College Student Development (this will happen in t-minus 30 days!)
8.Get a certificate in Leadership and Organization to better set myself up at as an asset to get hired
9. Learn to speak Thai


1. Get hired as a Head Guard at an outdoor pool
2. Teach private swim lesson full time one summer
3. Hold an assistantship the entire time I’m in Grad School
4. Get hired as a Greek Advisor (does this have to count, since I don't want to do that job anymore?)
5. Find a job near where Bran is finishing his Doctorate (I'm determined...)
6. Be on an exec. Board at a college to get my foot in the door
7. Begin working my way up through a University that has opportunities for me to advise and organize student affairs programs
8. Write a small piece or column for a local magazine or newspaper
9. Give back in some way whether time or money to Tri-Sigma possibly as a chapter advisor somewhere but not at my own chapter
10. Make the big girl change to a BlackBerry to be able to manage everything on the go- Got an Iphone!  End of January 2011


  1. Start paying off my college loans (don’t incur too many during Grad School)- Made my first payment of 50 WHOLE dollars yesterday, 6/18/11
  2. Stash money to help with my brother’s college
  3. Get someone to give me a freaken credit card, Summer of 2012 I got a AAA one, I also got a NY and Co one ;)
  4. Save up enough to do DisneyWorld right: This is an almost, I will be going to Disney in May but it has been financed through someone else so I'm not sure how this one will be dealt with...
  5. Have at least $5,000.00 in savings
  6. Be able to send money when asked thru Alum Relations for Zeta Lambda
  7. Start a small savings account for a house down payment

1. Stop being such a chicken and take a baking class; to make cupcakes and cakes like I want to.
2. Make at least 2 meals at home a week
3. Make carrot cake from scratch
4. Make funny bone cake from scratch
5. Plant a garden and grow some of my own vegetables
6. Own my very own palm tree, even if it’s in a little pot
7. Get a kitten when I have a big girl apartment for Grad School Hood Rat arrived the first weekend in November!

8. Learn to cook Chicken Melanesas, made them for Thanksgiving 
9. Become a bit more fashionable- add accessories!; I just went out with Christmas money and got sweaters and some fashionable accessories.
10. Turn Sigma t-shirts into a quilt- March of 2011 Mim (brandon's grandmother) and I created this masterpeice
11. Learn to sew well enough to make curtains and fix buttons
12. Buy a pink vacuum- got one here in Laurel 
13. Bump up my sheet thread count- ie price range when buying sheets
14. Have decent fingernails that I can actual paint- I've been doing a great job with this, they aren't daggers or anything but they are long enough to paint! 
15. Frame a picture I took from Hawaii to use as a center piece for a room
Personal Growth 
    These are all a little sappy... and not measurable..

1. Find more time for writing, blogging and composing
2. Stand up more often for the little things instead of waiting for a big issue to fight for
3. Discover more about Buddhism (possibly through visiting Thailand)
4. Volunteer at a soup kitchen or a clothing drive
5. Become a Big Sister through Big Brothers/Big Sisters
6. Finish my listography books
7. Stay in touch with my sisters via snail mail
8. Coach a little league soccer team
9. Teach the twins how to drive a stick shift
10. Learn to exhibit more on the outside what’s going on inside instead of assuming others know what I’m feeling without actually saying it
11. Hold others to the standards I hold myself
12. Strive to teach others through action and not lecture

Traveling Shoes

      1.Make a trip to visit all the schools we’ve applied to NC State, Chapel Hill, Tennessee, USC etc.- Have visited and decided that I will be at Univeristy of Tennesse in a month, and the fiance =D will be at UNC Chapel Hill. 
  1. Go back to The Big Island of Hawaii
3.Bring Bran to meet the family in Charleston, WV, we went last year for Christmas (2011)
4. Head to Denver, Colorado (maybe see a Bronco’s game)
5.Go to Fenway Park
6. Visit my Little in Saint Louis Missouri
7. Hike a small part of the Blue Ridge parkway
8. Take a cruise to some exotic tropical spot
9, Drive to Florida for a Vacation- May 24th, Bran and I drove from NC to FL for our Disney and Engagement 
10.Visit mile marker 1
12. Go back to Kentucky and see another Wildcats Game
13. Visit a Spanish speaking country

Pixie Dust Stuff

  1. Become Engaged to my Prince Charming- On May 27th, Brandon proposed to me in front of Cinderlla's castle the moment we walked into the Magic Kingdom. 
  2. Take professional pictures “fairy tale style”  
  3. Go to a Denver Broncos Game, November 11th, 2012 against the Panthers; we stomped Carolina! 
  4. Be kissed in Cinderella’s castle at Disney- See above!
  5. Eat more exotic fruits like mangos, kiwis and pomegranates
  6. Decorate a room all by myself, I'd say my Laurel apartment counts
  7. Own a blender for smoothies, Had a miniature pink one 
  8. Make a CD for family of guitar playing and singing
  9. Own a yellow pair of rain boots; For our 3 year anniversary Bran got me a pair of these!
  10. Get monogrammed towels!; Same here =)
  11. Spend a whole evening in a book store getting a bunch of books I’ve always wanted to read but never had the time
  12. Get certified in Scuba Diving
  13. Bring Bella back from Mim and Pops
  14. Ride on the back of a motorcycle just to see what it’s like
  15. Get a specific perfume
  16. Have a fish tank with some exotic fish, Got one for Bran for our anniversary in October 
  17. Buy a pair of skinny jeans to wear with boots; Over fall break in October 2010 I bought a black pair, LOVE THEM!
  18. Go to a wedding! I’ve only ever been to my parents renewal of vows, Last fall I got to go to Sam Davis's my SBIG's wedding
  19. Go out in a rain jacket and rain boots and stomp in a really really huge puddle
  20. Find the love notes from Bran from my summer away at camp
  21. Start a DVD collection
  22. Own and play the piano again. Possible compose again as well.
  23. Spend one entire day really and truly playing hooky
  24. Learn to water ski/ go tubing
  25. See a white Christmas; Christmas 2010 was DEFINITELY a White Christmas. We were in West Virginia and there was 3-6 inches on the ground and more falling =)
  26. Get a set of those tumbler cups with my initials in them

Gulp... I've done 39 of these things... Let's hope the next seven months are chalk full of things for me to accomplish. I can't wait to make a new list in 2013!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

All I want for Christmas...

Well really all I want is to find out that I have a job and to move safely to Chapel Hill. However if those wishes were to come true here are the items that would follow after them ;)

Electronics (this is the dreaming section)

  • iPad- I'm dreaming I know...
  • Nice Digital Camera


  • Nail Polish in work appropriate colors   
  • Almay Eyeshadow- the kind that tells you how to apply it



                           Home Goods
  • Queen Size Flat Sheets
  • Oven Mitts
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Spatulas
  • Set of plastic bowls  
  • Forks (silverwear) 
  • Lemon Juicer
  • Garlic Press

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh How Pintresting!

Eek! On Sunday when I decided to end my Blogger hiatus I was already looking forward to Wednesday. I'm linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple. I loveee the link up, Oh How Pintresting and you should too!!

I've been in a beach state of mind with the wedding only SIX months away. Eek I'm beginning to feel the pressure! 

Has anyone done a successful candy bar? I'd love any tips!

I am concerned this will be our new kitten Hoody when Bran returns from Thanksgiving...

Happy Wednesday, Friday! Have a great Turkey day and holiday break! xoxo

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I have ants in my pants. I am anxiously awaiting as my future will be decided over the next week, with some job interviews behind me and few more in the near future. I can't stop staring at my phone as if my willpower will somehow make it ring. As a distraction I'm linking up with Myra and Sarah for their first Good, Bad, and Ugly.


The Good: I'm loving my new skinny jeans because I don't have to cram them into giant socks to fit them into my boots. Hooray for winter and for winter clothing. Since I'm from Hawaii, seasons are still definitely a novelty to me!
The Bad: I have to continue to invest in tops that are appropriate with leggings, as well as remind myself that leggings are NOT professional enough to wear to work. Only with dress and maybe on Casual Friday.
The Ugly: You may have known where I was going with this..

For heavens sake, just get longer shirts or put on yoga pants. Yoga pants are even more acceptable than tights as pants. Particularly thin tights.
Go link up so I can continue to be distracted!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Miscellany Monday!

I felt like this, this morning...

So I went for the sock bun to avoid not having a jam sesh with my boy bands and of course some Christmas tunes. 

In other news, I went to my first professional football game AND my first Denver Game this past weekend. Here is my proof! They stomped Carolina and I was told that I have a VERY loud passionate scream. I take it as a compliment! 

It was wonderful and magically all around and definitely a check off my bucket list. Speaking of my bucket list, stay tuned for an update from my 101 in 1001. I think I'm beginning to get close to the 1001 days, I'm not sure I can say so much for my 101. However I am getting remarkably close to my 50 books to have read in a year!

In other news, we decorated the residence hall yesterday. And while it's not entirely inclusive, I love it. 

Go on and link up! Happy Monday <3 p="p">

Sunday, November 18, 2012

20 days and counting!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Although it feels like we went straight from Summer to Winter. Which means that soon I will post my annual Christmas list, which then lead me to realize that I haven't blogged in FAR too long so I wanted to have a couple posts before that one. Much has moved along since I was last on here so I figured I would do a brief overview:

I passed my Masters Defense. This was a highlight of my semester. It also means I get to graduate in less than a month. I only have classes for two more weeks. I am always celebrating on the inside!

We got a kitten. His name is Hood Rat and we love him. He was a rescue kitty from the shelter and is the most lovable cat ever. He just climbs up in your lap and loves on you for long periods of time. Today Brandon said that he even has intelligent thoughts when he is playing around. Only an intelligent cat would do for my intelligent man.

That's us on Skype. Note that Hoody looks like he's evil. He's not ever but it's funny that he often looks like he is plotting against us.

I'll leaving Knoxville for good in just a few short weeks. Stay tuned for more details as the job hunt is on and I've gotten a few promising leads.

The wedding is six months away... Cue miniature panic attack. Christmas is ever closer. Cue large panic attack. I haven't started my shopping yet because I'm having some financial distress due to the fact that we don't know where I'll be working yet... The waiting is killing me. But alas, I know that the right things will fall into my lap. I just hope that it's sooner than later. 

Until tomorrow..