Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This Ain't Nothing

::"This ain't nothing time can't erase, this ain't nothing MONEY can't replace."::

We are constantly in motion, working for a dollar or running from place to place. How often do we stop and think that we simply can't take these things with us. When we leave this place behind it won't matter what you drove or the name stitched in the back of your shirt.

Sometimes I lay in bed and rewind to a moment and I want to shake the then me. Did I remember to kiss my mom goodnight, or tell my brothers I loved them? Will the extra hour truly make a difference on next weeks paycheck? Did I say goodbye before I slipped off to the next place?

As I come to the age teetering on the edge the grownup world, I make daily promises to myself in hopes of staying away from the fast lane and missing the moments that actually count. Sometimes the dollar signs look so promising but where will they be when I see my Makers face. What puts me to ease and into a sweet place when it darks in my bedroom is the thought of everyone who I love, loving me back. So the next time I see the opportunity I'm going to squeeze a little tighter and stay a little longer.

Let that car rushing by you go on ahead, he'll be sitting at the next red light and you can smile and wave. The next time your longing for someTHING, stop and put that energy into someONE.

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  1. That's Great Sis. I wish that some of your writing skills would rub off on me!!!!


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