Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh Fall, Where are you??!!

I think this happens with every season. By the last few weeks of one season, I find myself chomping at the bit for the next one to begin. This summer is proving to be absolutely no exception! I'm soooo tired of going into work, and this heat is killing me. Where oh where is my vacation. On this other side of the next two days lies a 5 day vacation with the boy to Williamsburg! Although I did just discover last night that we will not be escaping the heat at all...

I don't think I've ever been this ready to go back to school and start classes. I'm ready to see my sisters and I'm definitely ready to be wearing long sleeve shirts with shorts on the bottom. Fall might be my favorite season. But perhaps as mentioned before I'm impartial to whichever season is about to begin. The whole season concept is still a new one I'm adjusting to seeing as in Hawaii it's sunny and 85 with a cool breeze coming off the ocean ALL YEAR ROUND! The only thing that defines our winter, is bigger waves.

I'm now not only counting the days but the hours, minutes, and seconds I spend in this small town watching unruly children run a muck in the heat. They are as miserable as I am, but I'm quite sure that half way through the fall when the degrees begin dropping and I switch my tank tops to coats and boots and gloves, I'll be wishing I was back in these good ole' summer evenings instead of up to my ears in applications and papers.

You'd think these self-revelations would make me appreciate the season I'm currently in... Maybe I'll go have a popsicle for summers sake.

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