Friday, August 6, 2010

Frieda's Fan Fiasco

After a forty five minute swim lesson, four red lights, and three minutes behind schedule I found myself laying with my palms pressing into my purple mat. I wiggled my toes and tried to find my happy place. Poo-lates for the second day in a row. I"m actually liking it quite a bit. Perhaps it's because it's 45 minutes of quiet stretching. QUIET being my favorite part...

But usually I attend a Thursday afternoon class. There are a few scattered mats on those lovely afternoons. In contrast this morning I stumbled in late and wedged myself someone whom the teacher kept talking to so I assume she's new and then to my left is Freida. Shes probably about 65, but I didn't even notice her until a petitie asian woman asked the instructor to come cut the back fan on. At this point my legs are in table top and I'm focusing on my core so I'm a bit ticked off that anyone is talking at all...

And then Freida begins. "OH! I can't have that fan off. Linda turn it off." She's speaking in some accent I can't place and I'm trying to inhale hee, exhale hooooo. She keeps talking getting louder and louder. Someone mumbles "Why don't we lower the setting?" Mind you I'm now in a assisted teaser and trying to envision long lean muscles. The petitie but not so shy asian woman retorts to Freida with "Why don't you wear more clothes!" Um, can I please point out freezing Frieda was wearing long pants and a t-shirt. She retorted with "Look at what I'm wearing!"

I have now completely lost all thought of chee or chai or whatever it is that I'm suppose to be thinking about and am trying hard not to let Freida see me smirking. At this point poor Freida states "I JUST GOT OUT OF THE HOSPITAL." How the hell were we suppose to know that, and why are you in Pilates?! Finally to the entire classes relief this woman throws her giant water-bottle and moves, surprising closer to the asian woman.

Eh, I suppose in the long run I ended up with more room to continue working those long lean muscles but I'm pretty sure poor Freida's day was ruined. I think I'll stick with my typical Thursday afternoon classes. I'm pretty sure the old ladies in the back were making sexual comments to top it all off.

What a Friday.


  1. Haha. I'm sorry, that sounds like a very irksome incident. But you wrote it very humorously.
    I'm not sure I know what pilates are completely. Stretching?

  2. Why thank you...and yes Pilates is stretching and "lengthening" your core muscles ie your abs. =)

  3. At least you're doing something good for yourself. I love pilates and yoga. But I would have been totally annoyed if people were talking too!


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