Sunday, June 19, 2011


Since I was 12 I have been making the largest chunk of my money from watching children. Aside from the first job as a coffee girl, and hostesstessing at a hoity-toity restaurant I've done it all. From day camps to sleep away camps. From traveling on vacation with kids, to teaching them how to swim I've pretty much seen the gamet of tantrums and attitude, drawings, crafts, buggars, Nike Jr. songs, and lots of smelly diapers.

Now that I'm officially engaged ( fairy tale proposal story to come later) I still prefer hanging out with other people's kids, than even engaging in the idea of having (and birthing) my own offspring. So I wonder, is this opinion going to stick around because of all of my exposure? Don't get me wrong I absolutely looove watching kids, hence the volume of jobs involving them but I just like being able to give them back.
And the whole pay part doesn't hurt either :)

My fiancé ( I'm never going to get tired of that word!) says that we, and by we I mean women are always attracted to children because their heads are largely disproportionate to their bodies. Whatever it is, I sure like kiddos, but do I love them enough to have my very own?

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