Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mm this could spark a conversation...

Today's topic is how you and your lover differ ( I hope you understand how difficult it was for me not to insert fiance there, as that word has become my current all time favorite)

  • He's a night owl, I however awake no later than 8 am, typically around 730 and immediately begin the day (involves but is not limited to working out, typing louding on the computer, or whining that I would like to go to breakfast asap)
  • I eat condiments. Lots of them. Mixed together. Even if I can't pronounce the name. He eats nothing with any sort of sauce or unknown element. He doesn't touch ketchup, mustard, cream cheese, sour cream, and he won't even take the mayo OUT of the fridge for me to make my own sandwich. He doesn't even let the Subway homies cut his sandwhich in half for fear of where that knife has been. Hmm maybe I should start a blog devoted to him (just kidding honey!)
  • Competition. I'm the girl that ran cross country for one season and instead of passing people when they slowed down or got injured I asked them if they needed help and happily with an "excuse me" let others pass me. He however thrives on competition, backyard games, Angry Birds, and of course the Gym. He does Crossfit, this is based on friendly group interactions and competition. If anyone talks to me in the gym, I'm pissed.
  • He's home runs, I'm all about some touch- downs. I was raised eating and breathing the NFL, I'm a lifetime Denver Broncos fan and spent Sunday and Monday nights watching the game with Dad. Bran is a lifetime baseballer, he picked up a bat at age 3 and has just finished playing college ball. When we first started dating I didn't know a single rule (still don't understand them all) but I have grown accustom to watching Baseball Tonight and he has adjusted to Blue and Orange Country ;) 
*Insert- funny image of Bran and I (funnier hair style on Bran* Blogger won't let me put a photo =(

Differences keep things interesting and fun, how do you differ from your significant other?

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