Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It wasn't me!

Mmm, I should have realized that with all the fun that I had with yesterday's post that today's would be oh so much harder (obviously I don't have relationship flaws ;) ).

My Faults in a Relationship

  •     I am an arguer (this does not only apply to romantic relationships but all of them), I will stand my ground even when I've been throughly proven wrong
  • I always want to change the sheets when I am turning down the bed to crawl into them, usually when we have to be up very early the next morning and should be going to bed
  • I can't cook. It's okay, I'm working on it and will one day feel comfortable in some kitchen some place (maybe not Earth). We could even bump this up to say that I'm simply not domesticated, including but not limited to sewing, home decorating, outfit coordination and definitely gardening. 
  • I am a back seat driver. Even more so when I'm in the passenger seat. 
  • I am addicted to Bags, Bins and Bedding (all Linens really). 

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  1. my hubby is like that he will argue anything and even if you agree with him he will argue at you as though someone in the room hadn't. Drives me insane.


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