Monday, May 23, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday

I am an official College Graduate. But it feels almost the same because come July 16th I move back into a dorm. I could even end up in a Freshmen door, only this time I'm supervising in the building. A little bit scary, a little bit nerve racking, and really just odd to think that four years ago I was just coming to college, and now I'm almost doing college all over again. But this time at a HUGE school (University of Tennessee) and this time in charge of cracking down on the co-habitation instead of finding ways around it ;) 

I still sleep with a stuffed animal. Mr. Bear or as he's been shorten to MB in the "adult years." MB has been on every family vacation I can remember, he even once was left in a La Quinta and was mailed home to me. He arrived back in Hawaii just in time for my 16th birthday. When my roommate would walk into my room she would pick up MB by the ear and say grungy! True his fur is a bit matted and he doesn't look like he has any eyes but he's been there through the thick and thin! Just the other day I was wondering how you phase things like that out?

My baby twin brothers are about to turn 16. When did that happen? Actually I'm not sure I remember being 20, and I've currently just turned 21. Time seems to be sneaking away from me and I'm not a fan. They are about to be enrolled in drivers ed, and I must say when Mom and I took them driving around their high school parking lot I was pretty impressed.  I imagined curb running over and potential dent, none of which occurred. I suppose I have to face it the twins aren't so little anymore.

I will be in the Happiest Place on Earth in T-minus 3 days. Bran and I are driving to Florida to spend 7 days and nights hopping around from 1 park to another. Needless to say I am a princess loving, minnie mouse ear wearing, sparkly wand waving kinda girl and I personally cannot wait to see Tinkerbell fly down during the fireworks show. (I hope that still happens lol, it has been 6 years since I've been to either DisneyWorld or Land) We will be Dumbo riding, sun glass wearing kids and I CAN NOT WAIT!

That's all for now. Hope your day was great! 

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  1. Time goes by way too fast... i'm 23 two kids and it just ZOOMS by faster than I could have ever imagined. I remember being in school and the year would DRAG on and on. But now there just isn't enough time between seasons.


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