Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Just a nerd who works in the library

I just received my first 4.00 in College. Like a little kid on Christmas I anxiously awaited for our lovely IrisLink to load, I even held my breath while I feverishly clicked away. And there is was, all the work that has cumulated over the entire semester and really my entire career at wingate sat there. And for once, it was exactly what I wanted.

The next railway line my brain chugged down was what a nerd! I had gotten up at 8am and raced raced to a computer, almost killing myself on the stairs because I forgot to remove my socks...when did this happen? I suppose the better question is when have I not been like this. I was the girl who sat at the front of the room, mullet in tact, dying to answer every question.

So today when people ask, wait you run the writing center? Or the Librarians give me the twice over because I come in with with letters on, or my tight jeans I always giggle. If only these people knew the inner nerd who really lives in me! She's dying to get out, so I'll read a few books undercover, and secretly enjoy editing papers and writing my heart out. But shhh, don't tell. It's so much more fun to see the look on people's faces when they find out.


  1. Yay for nerds! I had a 4.0 7 of my 8 semesters at Wingate so don't feel bad!!! :) Nerds tend to go pretty far in life and can be pretty cool as well.


  2. Hello again. I've given you a blog award. Check out my blog!

  3. Nerds are definitely the coolest people I know ;-)


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