Friday, October 22, 2010

Came for warm clothes, got a lot more.

Have you ever noticed that if the sunlight hits the black top just right, it sparkles?

I do not know what's better than slipping away from the chaotic world and driving through foliage (that I swore I would never appreciate) and ending up at home. But not before I have the privilege of stopping and getting to eat lunch with my proud Dad, and get to catch up on the world. Grand amount are established without many words. A tradition has started, with moments we'll remember.

The end of my day could not have been better than laying in bed discussing houses, teenagers and letting go, all while listening to the cat's banter with one another for her attention.

I'm not sure if I simply forget how good it is to be in a humble, appreciative, simple environment or if I just push it so far back in my mind so as not to constantly feel the urge to drop what I'm doing and shoot straight for the Inn.

I've, or shall I say we've come such a long way and while I don't feel deeply rooted in this particular house, I feel tangled and held tightly by the 5 Jalernpan's of America. It's kinda neat to be one of a kind, or in this case 5 of a kind.

I hope you feel as lucky as I do, to have picked just the right combination of people to raise you. Sometimes I make bad decisions, but this one was absolutely perfect. It sparkles all the time, even if the sun's not shining just right.

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