Friday, June 8, 2012

Domestication, A Dino, and a countdown.

Well, here I am. Sitting freezing under a blanket at work trying to figure out how to make it the next twenty minutes before I leave for the weekend. I'm currently doing an internship with NC State but my supervisor didn't come in today because his daughter is sick, and I'm a bit tired of looking at other schools and pulling research.

I'm all moved in to Bran's apartment, which brings me to my first two bullet points in the title. Domesticated. I know Brandon, it's not a word. But I am using the term to refer to the massive amounts of things I never realized I would be spending my time doing now that I live with Bran. There is a NEVER ending tower of dishes to wash, and the damn George Foreman always needs to be cleaned. Because we both go to the gym everyday there is at least one basket of laundry waiting to be washed and one basket staring me down from the closet to be put away. {I hate hanging clothes up}

Not to mention the length of time we now spend in the kitchen preparing the food to eat! This is the first time that I'm making all my meals exclusively (aka not living in a residence hall with a meal plan) and it's been GREAT for my health but takes much more time that I ever thought. Not to mention that the grocery shopping stories will need to wait for another post. To sum that up, Bran eats for 2 sometimes 2.5, so imagine 2 gallons of milk, every type of meat you can imagine, veggies, fruits, etc. I think the 3 of us need more room.

Which brings me to the third roommate, Dino Dan. I don't know why I call him that, honestly it's because of the nickelodeon show.

Dino doesn't really look like that, and I don't know if he even really likes dinosaurs but that's his name and it has stuck. He's been a great roommate. Minus that I think he's throwing my mail away. And the time he didn't have pants on when we came home. But in his defense it's his house, I'm just a visitor. 

The last and final big milestone I wanted to inform the world of is that as of yesterday, I will be a married woman in one year!! Yup that' right, as Brandon put it as we were falling asleep last maybe the girl at the top of your blog will start moving now. I'm not sure exactly what connotation I was suppose to take that but he is right. She should start moving much faster than she has been for the past year. I suppose people don't put things like that up two years in advance.

Crafty plans for the afternoon, stay tuned. xoxo 

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  1. Hah! The damn George dormant grill" it always needs to be cleaned. Congrats on your one year!


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