Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dang, A Whole Month

 Whew, I said I wouldn't do it. But I did. It's not that I haven't had humerous stories to tell or that I haven't had things to complain about but I simply haven't had the desire to get on here. My new job is great. My new boss is probably the best part of my new job. I'm about to go to the second class of all my classes that just started last week.

I'm finally finding time to email family and friends, and I'm sure doing alot of reading about Student Affairs. I figured out the answer to the ever pressing question, why student affairs? But I'll save that for another day.

I've been cooking and baking. We've painted our first peice of furniture. I'm adapting to being engaged long distance. And for the first time in six weeks I'm leaving Knoxville. I hope the building doesn't burn down.

I bought plants. I hope they make it through the weekend, because I haven't exactly figured out a good watering schedule and now I leave them for three days. Oh well, see ya Monday.

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  1. you sound like a busy busy lady! good thing i happened onto your blog now when you decided to return to blogging :) looked back through a few posts and i'm really liking it.

    my mother used to fill our house to the brim with house plants. i loved it. i, however, only have dried roses in a few places (love 'em) but lately i've really wanted some plants that are... alive! haha they do great things to living spaces, don't you think? :)


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