Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Girl Wish List

Having now moved into the actual apartment there have been things popping up in my "longing for list!" so here they are, big and small I figured I'd let myself fantasize before I buckle down with the Book of the Year for incoming Freshmen at UT and then up early for a morning run and lift. Toodles! 

  • Blender- I'd settle for a bullet, but I know that having one of these requires me to not only purchase frozen fruit but figure out a recipe I enjoy. 

  • Knife set- There seems to be a disagreement within the department regarding how long the knifes can be within our campus dwelling but I am under the impression that an actual set of knifes would be allowed. 
  • small egg pan- Okay so I've been on a kick lately of scrambled eggs with cheese. I've been tempted to try eggs over easy but I always get nervous the last second and scramble them up... Maybe tomorrow I'll try to let them sit. I'm not confident they will make it, and I'd hate to ruin my breakfast. (For some reason it won't insert it in the proper place)

  • Curtains for the living room- So I haven't ever really had to purchase curtains so I’m still debating on ones for above the couch but I am open to suggestions of a color scheme that would work well with the lovely blues of the carpet and couch that were pre-selected for me.

  • Pink Kitchenaid mixer- Mmm this one is a bit of a whim as they cost millions of dollars and I am as timid as a mouse in the kitchen, but I saw a beautiful pink Kitchenaid mixer and I think it would be lovely to own. A girl can dream! (PS up until 2 seconds ago I thought it was kitchenMaid, if that tells you a little bit about my background of kitchen appliances.

  • Cutting board- Now I don't need a full bamboo or anything fancy peice of slab to cut my meat on but I should probably do away with the small plastic thing I call my current cutting board. It's been demorphed in the microwave one too many times. I promise not to put a nice one in the micro.
  • Welcome Mat- Perhaps another frivious item but one that I would adore non-the less! Maybe one of those sweet saying mats for right by the front door. Now granted I can't actually put it outside my door because I live in a residence hall and I remember what we did to people's welcome mat's who were silly enough to leave them outside the front door, but it's a nice grown up item I'd still like to own. 

  • New mac os system- Grrr. I may have already mentioned this before in previous posts but I am trapped by the apple company and sooner than later going to have to give in. My mac book is from 2007 and while it is running perfectly the sneaky folks at apple have figured out that their products last for a long time and have come up with an evil plan. I now have to buy a 300 dollar mac system and have it installed on my computer before I can get any new updates to iTunes, skype, Word and pretty much all programs that make my computer functional. Annoying to say the least. 


  1. ahh new places are the best! it takes a while but i promise it will feel like home with everything you need in no time!

  2. Hey girl...thanks for your comment on my blog today! :) I, too, am dying over that pink kitchenaid mixer! I don't cook much, but I'm trying to justify getting one by saying I would cook more ifI had one! :)


  3. oh jeeeeez. tell me about the egg craving. haha

    except mine was a few months back when i was pregnant. i couldn't get enough. i was also craving them with ketchup and toast... do you ever do that? mix the three? almost like a sandwich? haha
    it's sooo good.

    i was hesitant to make over easy for the first time too a couple years ago but one day i just decided to go for it and they've always turned out great for me. i have faith in you!! hahah

    funny though. i'd always try and wimp out and scramble them up last second too :P


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