Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Quick Update

Good Morning,
   I had every intention of writing on here yesterday but instead got caught up in my first day of training and then some evening events that weren't exactly planned (including a office chat, and an expensive Walmart trip for food). Anywho here are some photos of what I wore yesterday and what I'm going to WOW them with today!

My little bros requested a shot of my fanciful office so tada here it is! 
Sorry it's a little blurry, me and the iPhone Cam are still becoming friends. 

I have a wish list going of stuff that I'd love to have for my apartment, and while the first night was extreemly lonely, last night was easier. I will have to find time today to hit the gym as 645 just came too early. I promise more to come soon, along with pictures of the new pad. Thanks for being patient! 

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