Tuesday, July 12, 2011

T-Minus 3 days

In three days I will be uprooted from the lovely bubble my small undergrad institution has given me, along with the simplicity, convenience (and never feeling alone) of being two steps away from my boyfriend (now fiancĂ©) best friends, and sisters. I have been fairly melancholy about the move to my new apartment on campus at University of Tennessee because when you compare a four hour move, to a 12 hour plane ride from Hawaii to the deep fried south... well they really aren't comparable.

But alas I am getting a bit anxious... I think I've talked myself into my big girl shoes and hopefully it will be a easy transition.

Stay tuned. I'll be managing a 16 floor building of sorority women (including being on duty through the nights both for my building and the area), starting grad classes, and commuting 5 hours whenever I want to see my fiancĂ©,  so I'm sure there will be stories, struggles and smiles!

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