Monday, July 11, 2011

The Yellow Bathroom Under the Stairs

   Mmmk so in case any of you aren't familiar with the Bed and Breakfast that my family decided to purchase when they MOVED all the way from Hawaii four short years ago, it was built in 1888, and comes equipped with two living rooms, a formal dining room, owners quarters, four guest bed rooms, one creepy attic (that's where I reside when home) and a yellow bathroom under the stairs.

This bathroom has a perpetual smell. We keep the door closed at all times and when you in there it feels literally like you are Harry Potter trapped underneath the stairs. 

Here's Harry...
 And here's our bathroom... Similar eh? Just minus the toilet and add a bed.

My mom has tried to spruce it up with yellow and brown accent colors but there is not fake floral that is going to disguise the disgusting sink that slants the right, and that smell. There is something just so creepy, with the slanted down ceilings and the fading wallpaper. I hope that whoever buys this house (it's been for sale for over a year) will find some repellant that creates a better atmosphere for that yellow room. As it stands I'd almost feel bad for the little room, if I wasn't so worried about holding my breath every time all the other restrooms are full.

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