Saturday, July 9, 2011

Moms and Bikinis don't really mix

I have found myself at the residential pool of the little one I'm watching observing other families, specifically mothers who bring thir offspring to wear out their energy for minimal costs. Across the pool I spot a family of 4, 3 girls and a mother. I'm not sure what came over her when she was getting dressed but she's in a STRING bikini. I'm not saying she's out of shape or anything along those lines but for all practical reasons who wears that to swim with your kids!

I'm 21 and kidless and consider anything with strings and strapless simply tasteless and un-functional when hanging with those under 4 feet. Perhaps I haven't yet hit the years when tanning time is limited to the hours spent referreeing wild ones at the community pool, but from my opinionated opinion I dont need to see all the clevage and butt crack of a mother.

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