Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've been trying really hard to be more active and therefore have stumbled upon lots of different link ups that I'm eager to try.

Head over to This Kind of Love today for

I'm Loving that I am finally getting back into running further than a 5k! Maybe new shoes will continue to inspire me ;)

I'm Loving that I have begun working with a designer to give my blog a makeover, I figured if I'm going to stay on the wagon I may as well love everything I see when I log on. Check her out at Munchkin Land Designs!

I'm Loving that the majority of my bags are packed and hoping that Friday all 15 bins will fit smoothly into 3 cars

I'm Loving that with all the moving and shuffling of things I've donated at least 5 giant bags of clothing and just stuff to charity. That just makes you feel like a better person.

I'm Loving that my baby twin brothers are about to get their driving permits. They are finishing their last drive with an instructor today, and I'll admit while I was first sad to see them grow up, I'm so glad I have gotten to be home for this!

I'm Loving that while I still haven't been able to find a venue, I have been in contact with a vendor who's ideas (and prices) are perfect.

What are you in love with today? 

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  1. love those new shoes! keep up the running - you're gonna do great! :)


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