Wednesday, December 12, 2012

OHP! My absolute favorite link-up!

I adore this link up (as I mention every time I do it), and you will too! Head over to The Vintage Apple and show us your favorite pins!!

                                                             via Holly Nettekoven via pintrest
  via KathyElizabeth via pintrest

via Nanami via  pintrest                                                        via Humor Train via pintrest
Pintrest is being REALLY slow this morning but here are a few other tidbits.

I am a born and raised Denver fan (love em' long before Tebow and Manning) and my fiance is a Pats fan. We are already planning a party for the game if they get to play one another!
That's all for now. Only FOUR days til I move!!!


  1. hahaha! as i was reading the cat one my cat jumped on my laptop.... awesome timing, cat.

    also, the pink socks is amazing! love it!

  2. Whenever I see those cats with their heads peeping out of Abercrombie bags, I always think of Egyptian gods with animal heads.


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