Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Link Up

I was (and maybe currently am) having a pity party for myself but decided that instead of rambling it would be better to be concise and link up with The Little Aslam. Go link up!

The Good: This weekend my Maid of Honor came to visit, and I got thrown my first shower. It was  total surprise and really awesome of the folks here in Knoxville to do for me. I got a ton of Christmas shopping done and got to catch up on Emily's new love life, so that's always awesome. I also found a new store called Charming Charlies and if I wasn't the new budget bender Becki who's about to combine banks with Brandon, I would have spent some moolah on myself. But I didn't (be proud)

The Bad: My Target registry didn't work properly, or the cashiers didn't know what they were doing.. I ended up with three items twice, which really isn't that bad but it's a bit uncomfortable and I'm already bad at receiving gifts so having a group of people watch you open up something more than once was really odd...The worst part about it is that since the items didn't make it to my registry, when I went to return them for gift cards (we have our eye on a grill), the registry looked like no one had spent any money on us so I couldn't do the return without a receipt. One hour and two heavy trips to the car I still have two cake plates and am very concerned about getting even more of them as more showers occur... I know it's not a real world problem but it's still annoying

The Ugly: I'm feeling very unmotivated about anything left in Knoxville but I don't want to regret not spending the last moments here doing great things... not that I know exactly what is great in Knoxville but I don't want to miss anything. I also am a terrible packer if it weren't for Bran and Em, I'd literally just sit on the curb and have to pay professionals to move me!



  1. Eeekkk, wedding registry stuff can be so annoying!! Target always gives people a hard time with their registries from what I've heard :( I hope you get it fixed REALLY soon, doll!! <3

  2. I'm so sorry to hear your registry wasn't working right. That has to be so frustarting. I hope it all gets sorted out <3


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