Thursday, July 11, 2013

101 in 1001: July 2013-March 2016

Okay, so I'm back. Although I'm sure you could have guessed this would happen. Bran and I have created our new 101 to complete in 1001 days. This time I hope to be better about documenting it, and also about completing a higher percentage of it. We tried to keep this list really realistic, and I think making it together was a bit easier as well.

Bran Specific
  1. Bran to Graduate from UNC CHapel Hill with PhD. (or be set up to Graduate in the next 6 months)
  2. Go to the Crossfit Regionals 
  3. Help CiCI get into college 
  4. Tutor an average of once a month 
  5. Get a brown belt
  6. Own at least 10 ties 
  7. Finish the Prey Series 
  8. Snatch 275
  9. Clean 350
  10. Squat 450
  11. Deadlift 500
  12. Treadwater for 60 seconds\
  13. Make coffee table book (requires owning coffee table) 
  14. Watch the movie "Bull Durham" 
  15. Find Wingate Diploma 
  16. Own 5 power tools
  17. Visit the Dentist 3 times\
  18. Don't break/shatter wedding band between 2013 and 2016 
  19. Cheer Beck on in RunRaleigh half marathon
  20. Make the move to a lunch box
  21. Bacon Lasagna
  22. Get boxers that fit legs

Beck Specific 
  1. Help the twins get into college
  2. Have a job above or different than events and info manager 
  3. Own at least 10 blouses for work with sleeves 
  4. Read at least 50 books a year 
  5. Try group running
  6. Take a baking or decorating course 
  7. Complete 5 pull ups in a row 
  8. Learn to identify all 50 states on a map 
  9. Visit New Hampshire (FairyTale Land) 
  10. Finish Game of Thrones series 
  11. Go to a wine and design class 
  12. Successfully change my name (Rebecca Kimchun-Jalernpan Santiago) 
  13. Complete 10 crafts or gifts from my Pintrest 
  14. Make Wedding scrapbook
  15. Go to at least one Kamakazi Dance Show
  16. Own monogram tumblers 
  17. Fix up fridge (frames with magnents, glittery clothespins)  
  18. Make an Ikea trip with Katie  
  19. Complete the RunRaleigh half marathon
  20. Try Lemons on apples 
Traveling Shoes
  1. Go to Boston with Ben and Stephanie
  2. Go to a Red Sox Game
  3. Go to a Patriots Game
  4. Go to a Pirates Game
  5. Get outta town for our 1st year anniversary 
  6. Watch 5 movies in theaters 
  7. See the lighthouse at Cape Hatterass
  8. Duke Gardens
  9. NC Museum of Art
  10. Playmeakers Play
  11. Raleigh Flea Market
  12. 1870 Christmas- Duke Homestead 
  13. Pork, Pickles, and Peanuts- Duke Homestead 
  14. See the belted cows! 
  15. Visit the world's largest chest of drawers- High Point

Home Goods

  1. Rent a townhouse, condo, or home
  2.  Own matching furniture in our bedroom and living room
  3. Buy a lamp for the living room 
  4. Make Dino move out and turn room into guest room with storage
  5. Get a grill
  6. Make a quote board
  7. Try 100 new recipes
  8. Try 7 new restaurants in the Chapel Hill/Durham/ Raleigh Area
  9. Entice birds to live in the bird house
  10. Own a palm tree
  11. Grow our own spices 
  12. Get a new vacuum
  13. Get free cat litter- coupons on current cat litter 
  14. Build spice rack in cabinet 
  15. Keep Little Red Running 
  16. Teach Milky to use the litter box 100% of the time
  17. Plant a pineapple

  1. Have at least $5,000 in savings 
  2. Fill the Nesquick container for a vacation 
  3. Get loans down to less than $5,000

Couples Smouples
  1. Take the hand stand pictures
  2. Try mountain bikinig
  3. Go paddle boarding
  4. Make homemade ice cream 
  5. Complete the crossword puzzles book
  6. Play racquetball
  7. Attend some sort of food festival (preferable Cheese or Bacon related) 
  8. Celebrate 10 random holidays 
  9. Have a water fight 
  10. Go berry or apple picking
  11. Get to level 100 on Candy Crush
  12. Send Gus, TiTi, and ToTo snail mail once a month 
  13. Fly kites!  
  14. See if our boat shoes float
  15. Race go carts
  16. Paintball (optional for Becki)
  17. Build Lego sets together
  18. Make coke icees with the snow cone maker 
  19. Tape measure jousting 

  1. Have a short, and fat, and round Christmas Tree  
  2. Grill out at the pool with our friends
  3. Pick my own Christmas Tree (Tree Farm) 
  4. Decorate the inside and outside of our home with Christmas Lights
  5. Host at least one Holiday meal for our friends (Thanksgiving, Christmas)

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