Sunday, November 3, 2013

2013 Christmas Wish List

"Christmas is coming, the Goose is getting fat!" We are lucky enough to have a family that likes lists as much as we do. We are not in need of ANYTHING, but if we had the world at our fingertips here is a list of what we came up with that we would adore to have. 

In case you aren't sure, I had some help from the Mr. for this post. We tried to link as many things as possible. The theme this year is fairly obviously: we both really enjoy working out (running for me, Crossfit for him)!

  • Workout shirts that don't smell,  like this one, or this one, or this one, or maybe shorts like these....
  • Some new wrist wraps couldn't hurt either!
  • The weightlifting shoes from last year have been worn almost 300 days by now. Maybe its time for new ones. Some options are  these and these and these...
  • GNC Gift Cards
  • Dick's Sporting Goods Gift Cards
  • 2013 World Series hat, 7 & 1/4
  • Hair Buzzers
  • Moccasins with fur               

 (a.k.a Mrs. 2.0)

  • George Forman 
  • Ikea Giftcards (we are in the market for a coffee table for the living room) 
  • Fancy bed topper (Marshals and TJ Max have them- Queen Size) 
  • Down pillows, the type that stay down when you push on them (Brandon wrote that) 
  • Queen white bed skirt 
  • Grey queen shirts
  • Tea Pitcher (I've been making iced tea in a pan) 
  • Engraved Cat Collars (Milky, Becki's phone number, Bran's number; Hoody, Becki's #, Bran's #) 
  • A two seater kitty condo (shhh, Bran doesn't know I added this when he walked away) 

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  1. Try these links. They should all be men's and in stock in an 11 :) lol
    1) Lime yellow:
    2) This color:
    3) Color: White/Black/Flat Grey:


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