Friday, November 15, 2013

Running, Reflect, and a rare 20 minutes

This post brought to you from Boone, North Carolina in the rare 20 minutes that I have in this crazy two week period. by Sunday I will have accumulated 45 hours of comp. time. Needless to say I haven't had time to blog, or think, or really do much beside work and try and stick to my Nike 10k plan.

I am in Boone this week for a conference for work, and today was the day of my presentation. The conference is for student and professional staff who work in College Unions. It's an eclectic group of people. My opinions are still being formed, stay tuned to see if I do a piece. Although it has the potential to not be the most appropriate post so I may choose to keep my opinions to myself. Needless to say I gave my presentation on an intiative I work closely with at work around student employment and engagement and the hard parts over.

Running...ahh yes. This week has a been a bit of a challenge. Here was what was slated for my week, I did it all but these past two weeks I've felt a bit like a slug. It doesn't help that I've had to add quite a few layers to the wardrobe to keep warm. See the photo below highlighting all the pieces I have to don before going outside. Yes I acknowledge that I'm a wuss.

Monday- 4 miles
Tuesday- Nike 45 minute work out
Wednesday- 5 mile tempo run
Thursday- Nike 45 minute work out
Friday- Yoga

Tomorrow I'm running a 5k that is being co-sponsored by the conference I'm at. It's the Gobbler Cobbler, I'm at a really high elevation and it's very hilly so my only goal for this one is try to stay warm and eat some pie at the end. I forgot my waterbottle so this is already looking like a great race...

I'm hoping I will be more motivated for the 8k on Thanksgiving. Who am I kidding? I am just hoping I'll be motivated to run tomorrow. It's been a rough few weeks folks.

                            (I made this Disney collage for my awesome Aunt...but now I want one)

In other news, I'm having a mini career crisis as I sit at this conference and recognize that I have no idea what I want to do next. I'm now acting as an Interim Assistant Director in my office. Amazing that at 23 I'm now supervising 2 full time staff and a whole bunch of students. And process 21,000 events annual. But what am I doing with my life? More to come on this later, I'm probably just delerious from the air quality up here, there's a fire in a gorge so it's smoke central currently.

Sorry this has been such a mixture of things. Tomorrow or Sunday I promise to report back on the race and one of these days I'm going to find myself a web designer who can make my page have the cool tabs across the top that highlight races I want to run and 101 in 1001... I promise I'll do better ya'll.

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