Sunday, November 17, 2013

Gobbler for Cobbler

Before I do a race recap I wanted to share that I just found out yesterday that my application to be a Sweat Ambassador was accepted! WooHoo. I'm not entirely sure what that exactly means but I am working to figure it out, and I have learned that there isn't really anything established here in Chapel Hill or at UNC so that could bode some opportunity (in all my free time) to get something started. Stay tuned for updates, I know that Fit Approach recommends I friend people, haven't quite figured that one out but if you see me, friend me.

Yesterday, while attending a conference in Boone, NC I had the opportunity to participate in a 5k. The motto, "Run the Gobbler, Eat the Cobbler"

In terms of weather, I was pleasantly surprised that my two layers kept me warm and I didn't even end up running with my gloves on. This was quite a shock to me as App State and Boone are one of the highest elevations in North Carolina (aka cold weather/snow is frequent). 

I had to take a shuttle from the hotel for the conference to the race start so I was there far earlier than would be my preference. There was probably about 200 people by the time the race actually started so I definitely didn't need to be there about an hour before the race. Since I had pre-registered the coveted shirt in a small was waiting for me and they had a "bag" check happening where they let you write your name on a plastic bag with sharpie and lay it on a tarp. This is Boone we are talking about so I really wasn't too worried. 

Once 8am rolled around they rounded up everyone with no sense of urgency, and we were off by 8:10. I think my "gun time" says 8:09. The race rolls through campus and was definitely rolling hills with a fairly decent size hill to the finish line. I found a few girls who were moving about the pace that felt comfortable and I tried to stick with them. I wish more people had been wearing neons, as this is what I look for to motivate me to keep going. Cue, my outfit:

Terrible selfie I know, but hopefully you can tell that I'm wearing a neon top with crazy neon pink and black pants from Target. At one point a student told me I looked "fierce". I took it as a compliment.

I was very surprised by my time at the end. I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to turn on my .25 updates on my Nike app, so I didn't get any updates throughout the race. While that is enjoyable on some of the longer runs, I was kicking myself the first mile because it felt eternal and I had no idea what pace I was at. If I would have heard it, I would have possibly been able to beat a PR which I missed by about 5 seconds. Oh well, this was suppose to be a fun run and the fact that I finished in 28:20 had me thrilled! With an average 9:09, I was tickled particularly because the elevation and hills. 

Hopefully this means all good things for the upcoming Turkey Trot in Charlotte on Thanksgiving. My tutu is already created and now I just have to figure out what bottoms I will be wearing under said tutu. The brown shirt I just got for running the cobbler may be a nice accent for the top (although it's not nearly as bright as I prefer to be when running). 

And now I'm recovering back at home from the strange 3.5 days I just spend with some people who I barley knew. And my husband is out of town to see the Patriots play beat the Panthers.  The next post is likely to be about how scared I am in this townhouse alone. 

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