Tuesday, November 5, 2013

In the year I've been gone...

Taking a note from my good friend Alex, over at Pool of My Drool I'm going to do a quick re-cap of what' happened since I was last into this whole bloggin' thing.

*A side note being that what has brought my back to the blog world is that I can't find any good running blogs that aren't amazing women who run really really fast and look very very good while doing it. So I decided to create my own. Stay tuned for a transformation. Or realistically just  more babbling from me with the exact same design because I don't want to pay someone to design something.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee and happily moved (ran as fast as possible) back to North Carolina and to Chapel Hill.

I started my first big kid job at UNC Chapel Hill. I basically work with students, organizations, and departments on campus to ensure that they are prepared for the events they are planning. They usually aren't prepared which typically ends in them being in crisis mode and myself having to put out alot of proverbial fires. I like my job, I do. I also just got a whole bunch more additional duties. I am saying it aloud so that I really believe it, I like my job.

I got married. I am now the proud owner of what some have deemed the longest facebook name. I hypened my maiden name with my middle name and added my husband's last name to top it off. I also have an awesome custom puzzle piece ring. To sum it all up in a few words:
  • There was a giant tropical storm, but the weather broke right before the wedding and the ocean looked amazing
  • I am so lucky to have a mom, dad, and two brothers who made my day truly the happily ever after that not even Disney Princesses could dream of 
  • I have amazing friends who I'll never be able thank enough
  • The photographer was creepy, but my photos are not!

I am a runner. Nah, I'm just now someone who isn't scared to sign up for races. I still eat bread and chocolate. And most days I think I run for all the swag. You should see my Christmas list. It's all about the swag. I completed my very first half marathon in October along with my Dad, and I'm hooked. I discovered sparkleatletics.com which is only furthering my obsession. I am not fast. I am not pretty while running. And did I mention that I eat carbs and don't have some healthy clean diet I'm trying to stick to. 


Honestly I think those are the biggest three things I can think of, but just in case you want somore' here is a quick bullet point list of a few additional things
  • The baby brothers turned 18. Woah, where has the time gone?!
  • The Denver Bronco's are gloriously great, I am living it up as a fan these days.
  • I am the proud owner of two cats, Hoody Rat and Milky. They are best friends. Well, they are acquaintances that like to rough and tumble and Milky is probably going to be the reason Hoody is bald in a few years.  

  •  My aunt and her 2 year old relocated to Pittsburgh. He's adorable, and far. I hate that combination.

That's all I've got for today. Thanks for listening. 

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