Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I can't help Falling in Love with You

I know it's really cheesy. But the version by Andrea Bodocelli and Katherine McPhee popped up on my Itunes and I instantly melted and envisioned a wedding dance floor. Strange huh? Especially since anything serene is as far in the horizon as ever!

It's a constant tornado around here and I feel topsy turvy as I try to feel it all. Sometimes it's as if I'm too smart for my own good, and I recognize too many things I'm suppose to be remembering and enjoying. The ups and downs are what makes it real but sometimes when I have just that one second to spare I don't even know what to do with myself.

But you know what I do know? I'm so lucky to have him, and them. By them I mean my sisters and by him I mean that guy who remembers where I have applied to and what I'm scared of. He remembers my sisters names and never lets me forget he loves me. It's as easy as the effort for searching for a Taylor Swift card or making me a quick lunch.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm so lucky.

"Take my hand, take my whole life too."

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  1. I'm kind of in love with your BF. In a "I'm married and don't actually want to date him - just think he's amazing for you" kind of way! So glad that you have him in your life. Plus he's kind of got nice abs - lol. I'm simply admiring as an aspiring CrossFitter who hopes to see the same results he has. :)

    PS - I tagged you on my blog today. Can't wait to read your answers!


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