Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have putting this off all summer. Well actually I suppose a better more honest way to phrase that is that I have been working towards this moment all summer. But I'm not sure I'm ready. But I hit send anyways.

I just submitted the general application to The University of Tennessee. Their college student personnel program is my top choice. I'm awaiting on one last tiny detail before I hit send on the specific program application, but the essays are done and hopefully the i's are all dotted. But now comes the terrible, horrible worst no good part.


I'm pathetically horrible at waiting. I emailed the dean of students my resume and she emailed me back within minutes telling me thank you for my interest in the program. I'm sure it was a generic email, but I saved it anyways.

Never-mind you that I have to finish and send my Clemson, App State and a few others in for scrutinizing and long months of waiting. I've sent my first one in, and maybe that'll be the hardest one. The rest will just roll right off my back, along with the hundreds of dollars it's costing me to get them just to consider me for their programs.

So keep your fingers and toes (maybe even eyes) crossed, and toss a little prayer my way whenever you think of me. I have big dreams and I need to go somewhere with them.

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  1. Praying that you get good news soon. The waiting game stinks - but just try to enjoy your last year in undergrad as you prepare for what lies ahead!


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