Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tag.... I've been it!

I got tagged in Amber's Blog decades ago and am just now coming off the recruitment weekend and am feeling quite a bit overwhelmed with all the work I need to do. So I figured I'd take a minute to completely procrastinate before heading off to Great World Speeches.

1) What is your favorite thing about being in a relationship with your boyfriend/fiancé/spouse?

Ahh, well if I had to only pick one thing I suppose it would be the fact that he's always coming up with creative ways to help me. Weather it's a drawing on my mirror to brighten my morning and coming to rescue when there's a spidy in our apartment, he manages to "fix" everything with a solution I never ever would have thought of.
2) If you could go anywhere in the world for an entire week with your girlfriends, where would you go and why?

I think I'd take them all to Hawaii. It's been really hard for me to make a new life here without the chance to ever show anyone where I come from. The oceans that made me and the houses that built me. I'd take them to all the places you'll never read about in a tour guide book because their "local spots."

3) What persona were you in high school: Miss Popular, The Sporty Girl, The Book Worm, Etc.

I was deffinitly and still consider myself to have been The Book Worm. I had a mullet all through elementry school and it pretty much carried through. I still read for fun, even though the only time that fits in is when I'm ellipticalling. School and my grades have always been important and hopefully that'll pay off when Grad schools start coming back to me.

4) Have you ever been stereotyped in any way? What did you have to do to overcome that stereotype – or are you still struggling with it?

I think when I became a sorority girl I was immediately characterized as what people see on TV. I know my own family was even skeptical of the acts that were going on to become a member. But Tri-Sigma really isn't like that and once anyone takes the time to speak to any member for more than 30 seconds they typically realize that. I try to brush it off and realize that none of the women I associate myself with behave in those ways.
5) What’s your favorite song of all time?

Ahh that would be the old stand by, Love Story by Taylor Swift. I'm pretty sure I have every version of it on my ipod, regular, techno, acoustic. It will be played at my wedding.

6) What’s your favorite holiday and why?

Hmmm, probably Valentine's day because although there are gifts it's not actually about the physical thing you get it's more about the thought that went into it and the whole day being dedicated to showing the people around you that you care. I know that I definitely don't do this enough (I'm not the biggest fan of emotions or feelings) so when I get the chance I try to embrace it.

7) If you could change one thing about yourself (body, personality, abilities, etc) what would it be and why?

Hmm, well approaching this week I'm praying for the capability to either add time to the day or to learn to delegate with grace and compassion. I struggle to be a strong leader because I feel like I loose a bit of momentum once I'm up and running full speed.

8) What is something that makes you feel incredibly feminine?

I'm girly but never fashionable and I have always wished that I would just have a more grown up sense of fashion and color choices etc. but I still like bright colors and simply outfits. I feel very feminine when I have on a really put together outfit that includes high heels and typically some sort of scarf or well choose accessory. This really doesn't happen very often though, I need to keep practicing.

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