Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Tribulations of a Final Semester

I currently have three class. They consist of Theology, Computers 101 and Clay. You would be right in making the assumption that I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. But I am not lacking for things to do. It seems to be in my genes to stay incredibly busy and therefore I also have four jobs. I do not sit still well. Ever.

Theology may be replaced with Making of the Modern Mind but that is still undetermined. I'm looking for something to make me think, but nothing that will be based on arguments and arrogance. It's proving difficult to find. Computers will be a source of amusement and a place to further my date-base of knowledge regarding Word and Excell. Seeing as I'm coming with basically nothing, I should grow exponentially. Look, I'm already using computery words.

The final course of Clay might be the most challenging because it's going to require me to relax and let go of the perfectionism that plagues most areas of my life. Currently I'm suppose to find a piece from the Shang Dynasty and not only attempt to recreate it by the 27th of January, but also write some back story involving an occupation related to said Shang item... I've got two options I'm working with here.

So that is my semester in a nut shell. Between working on and off campus I expect to find time to turn a golden brown as soon as the wintery weather dissipates, and my 21st birthday will occur in a month... Signifying that I will begin trying different kinds of drinks just because I can.

Happy Sunday!

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