Thursday, October 20, 2011

If My Yoga Pants Could Talk

They'd remind you how much they hate being wet at the bottom, AKA why I have so many pairs of rain boots.

They'd thank me because they are the last thing I pack, and the first thing I take out.

They could tell you about the time I was running on the trails and a bicycle came up behind me and I almost sprayed the poor kid with mace.

They would tell you that I wore them as "dress pants" yesterday. ( I don't think anyone even noticed)

I'd ask them to tell me why I can't find another pair just like them, perhaps if I had more I'd wash this pair more often.

If my yoga pants had ears, I'd thank them for all the rainy days, long runs, and hot yoga classes they have gotten me through.

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  1. Yoga pants are what I live for. And it's so hard to find that perfect pair. I have TONS but only a couple that I wear--because they fit so well! =)


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