Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's A Love Story

Today the fiance and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary. We realized that we will only celebrate us on this day one more time and then we will begin celebrating our wedding anniversary. I realize that I haven't told the story so I figured I'd take a minute while he is at school to fill everyone in.

We had been given a trip to Disney World as a graduation gift and headed down to Florida for some sunshine, disney characters, and relaxation. Little did I know that he had much more planned. We checked into our Disney All-Star sports hotel by 8am and I was sooo excited to get into the park. When we got to the park and scanned our passes I knew I wanted to ride the Carousel first (yes, I'm a child!). Bran kept saying let's take a picture, so finally after passing two of those professional photographers we stopped for a quick picture. Here is the first picture:

 (yes note the fanny pack)

Then I was ready to go. My face says, why are we still standing here. 
Then he got down on one knee, and asked me to be his forever. 

Bran had more than one surprise up his sleeve, he then pulled out M&Ms that said "Will you marry me?" written on them! 
He has never been able to keep a secret, but I was completely blown away with surprise and shock. He had been hiding the ring in his shoe on the trip down, and had purchased it months before the trip. Of course I said yes! 
So Happy 4th Anniversary to My Real Life Prince Charming. May there be many more magical moments. I hope you have a day full of pixie dust and happily ever afters. 

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