Sunday, December 15, 2013

I run for the _______

I run for the accessories (if you don't believe me, see the above photo). But seriously, I do. It all started with my Nathan’s running water bottle. I now own two of these. I then purchased one of the kneebraces that goes under you knee cap, I’m blanking on the name currently but it definitely helps with knee pain. There’s tall socks, thermal tops, gloves, hats, and of course shoes. In the last year I’ve also acquired shoe inserts, pink laces, and an awesome reflective headlamp. 

(That's me after my first run with the head lamp. It really changed me light, I never realized how dark it was until I had something lighting the path.) 

When I started training for my very first half in July of 2013, I also really got into the food part of this running thing. Gu, protein shakes, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Between the headbands, skirts, and spandex I realized that all those mottos I see about sweating pink, and being sparkly are right. I have more fun when I look cute and feel good.

                                                                         (If I can wear a tutu, sign me up! Post Turkey Trot 2013) 

As my husband likes to remind me, "Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good!" I’m sure that needing my accessory fix is all in my mind, but really whatever gets me out of the bed at 5am and pushes me to sign up for the next race works for me. My bank account may not always agree, but it’s what works for me. What do you run for? 

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