Thursday, December 2, 2010

Blacccck Friday!

Okay so keeping with the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge , the next topic is Black Friday tips. I know, I know I'm way behind with this challenge but hey I figured I started on December 1st so that's gotta count for something right.

Onto Black Friday. This was only my second year in participating in it. Trina (Bran's mom) took me for my first time last year and while I hate it when it's actually happening, it's such a hoot to look back on I had to go again this year. We had bigger and better plans this year, but didn't do as well as had hoped. I'm thinking next year will be the best yet because now I've done the mall scene as well as the big stores (Wal*Mart etc.) so I'll be able to better judge what and where to be.

When doors open at 10pm, really you should have been camping in the freezing cold since around 6 if you have any desire to actually get the netbook for 77 dollars. This was the point I realized this event was serious. You have to remember in Hawaii we didn't do these kinds of things, the Island I lived on only had 2 Wal*Marts in the first place, and they were over 5 hours away from one another.

I also learned this year that although I was told to stand off to the side when the actual clock stuck twelve, when your partner in crime bends down and hands in a flurry are above your head, abort the initial post and put all hands out to help. It would be tragic to have a man down at the first stop!

I haven't had much experience but I do have a request, why was there not a Dunkin' Doughnuts open anywhere the entire night?! Next year I'm going to have to pack my own thermos full of coffee that way I'm not deliriously falling asleep between stores!

That's all for today. This year's Black Friday wasn't the greatest, but I have high hopes for next year!

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