Sunday, December 5, 2010

Slightly Stuffed!

I've been dying to get one here and complete the rest of the challenges but just haven't had the time. My hunny came home last night and my fingers are crossed that we go to Grad school either together or verrry close because I missed him while he was gone and it was only 4 days!

Day 3: Most Meaningful/Best gift: Well I know when I was little that I absolutely adored my Barbie Jeep. For top gift under the age of 10 I think that might be it, and in the tween ages I believe it was a neon green boom box. We may have called them CD players back then, but I got that and my first CD. NSYNC Christmas! In the past few years Christmas's have gotten smaller but it's always the thought that counts. The gift that might top it all was my trip to the Bahama's last year for Christmas. Everyone thought it was crazy that we didn't do gifts, but for me I got time. 10 days to do anything we wanted on a little island in the middle of no where.

Day 4: Tricks to Bargain Shopping- Hmm well I haven't been a shopper for nearly as long as some other bloggers but
  • I have noticed that come December 15th the prices drastically drop because those stores have to move their merchandise before Christmas.
  • If at all possible wait until after Christmas for the silly stuff because for sure that's also going to be on sale.
  • Don't turn your nose up at consignment stores, you can find great buys and alot of times things still have the tags on them!
  • Always make a list! There is nothing worse then getting into the mall and realizing that you infact don't want to buy anyone on your list clothes or shoes...
Day 5: Favorite Holiday Movie/ TV Show- I've never really been a movie girl but I did enjoy How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street. I don't get to watch alot of TV but per Phineas and Ferb being a show loved by Bran I'm sure I will laugh at their Christmas episode.

Yay! All caught up. Sorry it's slightly stuffed.


  1. Cute blog.
    New follower.

  2. i just found the Christmas hop and can't quite get caught up! fun though:) agreed on the list darling:) i need one real bad! have a good day!

  3. heehee i had this background when i first opened my blog too!! only just recently got a makeover for really CHEAP!! and super fast!! I love it, this background is so cheery. Looking forward to reading you in the future!


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