Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stuck in a bit of a rut

I've been stuck in this funk. For a while there I was finding something to blog about every day but now it's just, well kinda normal. I think I'm going to use the Molly and Aly idea that I've seen on Amber's blog. Maybe this will help snap me outta my blog funk.

My gym stuff just keeps plugging along, I've gotten to 4 miles but it's so darn cold that I'm going to have to acquire a snowsuit that is built for running... Classes are blah, just about to be finished and finals are straight ahead. Bran is out of town for a nerd conference so maybe that's where this blah-ness is coming from...

Anywho onto the challenge...
Day 1 is Christmas Holiday Traditions
  • Advent Boxes: Back when I was a wee one my mom & dad created these boxes out of beer boxes. Mom covered them with gift bags, and every day we get to punch a hole that's numbered and get a present. Today I got a new work out shirt ;) I've passed the tradition on and my boyfriend now gets a box every year
  • Christmas Photo: Every year my brothers and I have a theme that initially used to be decided by my mother, and is now decided by us. One year it was us on a surfboard, the next we all wore white wife beaters (I hate that they are called that) and stood all tough like in back of Dad's truck. It's a great tradition and so funny to look back on.
  • Santa Gifts: Apparently I didn't know this was a tradition for our family in particular, but our Santa Gifts are always unwrapped. They are hand-delivered down the Chimney from the rosy man himself, and obviously they are such cool gifts that they can't be wrapped. They themselves hold the OOOOO factor of Christmas and this will be a tradition I pass down as well!
Well that did make me feel better! Happy December!

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