Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'll do better tomorrow

When my alarm went off for me to arise and head to the gym to run and lift before I started my long day, I cursed the drive that comes from within to workout! After throughly sweating through my tank top and capri pants, I began the real work day in the pool and as usual I finished there as well.

I'm on a new kick to avoid desserts like they are the plague. I feel like in the last 6 months I don't only eat them when I crave them, I actually don't even give myself the chance to crave them instead I eat them after most lunches and dinners. Now this ties into the fact that I do work out everyday, so really how much can two cookies really hurt? But it's more of the fact that I want to see if I have the will and all that good stuff to just stay away from them...Like the title said, maybe I'll do better tomorrow because today the cookies Mom baked looked so tempting that I had to eat just half of one. Oh well... at least I was acting on a craving!

Sometimes I find myself wondering if the 8 dollars an hour I make working is worth the stress of not getting all the things I WANT to do done. I need to work on grad school applications, my senior year is looming ahead, and honestly I have crafts up the wazoo to finish for my sorority. It's hard because the pull of making an extra twenty dollars is appealing but at the same time, when is it enough and is there really a price for my time?

I've got so much buzzing through my mind and I can't belive that it's already about to be August. My parents have decided if the Inn doesn't sell they will foreclose it in Decemeber. As excited as I am to get away from this money trap we call our home, it's so difficult to watch my mom struggle with letting her dream go.

I leave with bittersweet thoughts for a sweeter tomorrow.

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