Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The process of Aging

I skipped a grade. 7th to be exact. Therefor I was in that moment given the clear and sufficient title of ALWAYS being the baby of the group. I was the last to drive, and actually the last one allowed to even leave the darn driveway! Here I am 20 years old and I'll be the last one to turn 21, as a SENIOR in college. *Woah, thats really weird to say.

Honestly there were only a few incidents when this even remotely mattered, but for this Blogs purpose I never ever felt like an older kid til I was out on the pool deck the other day. Now keep in mind, I've officially decided that I cannot judge kids ages in the range between 12 and 17. I can't do it. I dunno if the hormones in the Mcdonalds they're eating but some 12 year olds look 20 and other 17 year olds look 11! I've given up guessing... But at this point on the pool deck I've decided this girl is 17 potentially 18. Shes trying to figure out what year anyone using the sauna needs to be born before. Then she makes the bold statement

"Well I was born in 95' so.." I don't hear the rest of the sentence. I interrupt her and say WHAT? You're born in 95', so you're 15?! I'm working at an establishment with a 15 year old. She's not old enough to drive herself to work, what made anyone think she'd be able to save someone's life. But this is besides the point.

In the next 5 minutes I am then told that I AM OLD! Old, little freckled still wears her hair in pigtails and can pass as a 13 year old ME! Not only am I deemed old by these kids, I am one of the 2 OLDEST members here.

I suppose it was bound to happen sometime in my life. People do keep popping out babies even though it's quite obvious that after 1990 there was really no reason, since I was already here. I guess I just didn't except it to happen so quickly. I'll be glad when I'm back at my little college griping about how I still have 6 more months before I can buy alcohol. I never really appreciated being the "baby" til I was no longer deemed that title.

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  1. Shutup. I was born in '85 and I recently turned 25. I've got YEARS on you. :) Don't worry about them calling you old. L Woodruff calls me "grandma" - yes, "grandma"! She's not even in my family tree - she just does it because she wants me to drink more!


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