Saturday, July 24, 2010

The "what did you say?" Phenomenon

You knew this was coming kid...

I wish that I could say I didn't fall victicm to the almost instant saying of "what?" when someone states a sentence that you didn't quite catch. The best part of this phenomenon is that the moment they go to repeat themselves, somehow your mind has had enough time to process and you now not only know what they said but you have an answer.

Somedays I tell myself people only do this when I'm saying things that don't particularly like. "Wait, you told me you'd fix the car?" "What did you say?" Sometimes I swear people will add a few extra inches between you as if I wasn't speaking loudly enough.

The days when I fall victim to it, I typically blame it on mumbling, the individuals word choice or pronunciation...basically anything but faulty hearing. " You definitely used the word quality wrong!"

Maybe it's because we are so use to instant gratification, but the track that runs our hearing to our minds hasn't quite caught up yet. It seems to take just a few extra seconds to process what's being said, but instead of waiting those seconds we simply throw in an extra what did you say?

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  1. This is so totally about me. "Mills, you´re mumbling!"


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