Friday, July 23, 2010

The process of quietly revising...

Yup, once I finally acquire the patience and actually have the time to spend shaving my legs I realize that it was fairly quick and painless and I solemnly vow to do it much more often. Yet the next time I go to wear a skirt I'm reminded oops haven't shaved. Oh well I'll keep making the vow....

I also started eating no desserts this week and well I made it a whole week, but heres the weekend. A glorious Friday afternoon, and upon deciding to bake my boyfriends favorite dessert funnybone cake (chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting) I realize that I will have to edit my dessert claus and add in the part about eating some dessert on the weekends.

When the summer first began I had huge plans to cook 3 times a week to get my feet wet and not be so nervous in the kitchen. I'd say that while my nerve level has decreased, I definitely had to reduce the cooking rate to maybe once a week sometimes I don't even get the chance. Why does it seem many of my rules revolve around food?

Sometimes you have to set some sort of boundary or rule with the hopes that just one time you will follow it.
Life's all about editing right?

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