Monday, July 26, 2010

Miscellaneous Monday

I saw a bit of at intriguing trend going on with a few other blogs and decided to try it. They used a random Monday to disclose random facts about themselves... I'll give it a shot but I'm not promising anything

{1} I have a dog. Her name is Bella, TinkerBella Okay now before you judge this statement, I have been highly criticized by many people for not speaking of her often so I thought I could take this moment and give her the spotlight. She's got four legs, spots and a perfect personality. She was everything I asked for and more. She was also a sweet taste of parenthood. But more importantly the first dog I ever owned in my whole life. You cannot become a real live grown up without first owning a puppy. I'm living proof of this fact.

{2} I have recently accepted the fact that I could in-fact be an extravert in the business world, and an introvert when it comes to most social functions. For the first time in my life I was defined as shy and while it shook me it also made me think about what I actually enjoy doing within social groups and it tends to be on the smaller size or in some cases all alone. Can I please express what a strange revolution this was?

{3} If I could live off of Dunkin Doughnuts iced coffee sugar and cream and blueberry or bran muffins I would. Throw in Ham and Cheese biscuits from McDonalds and some coke a cola my life would end artery clogged and smiling. But for whatever reason it is, I was blessed with a fair amount of self control and most days I hit the gym instead of the Big DD, but know that a definite fat kid lives inside me. Not even that far under the surface, I swear.

{4} I can't decide if I want people to read what I write or not. I figured blogger was a good way to test it out. What's the likely hood of random people reading this? Yet I have subtly given all my friends and family access as if my tiny sub-conscience is screaming come read the babble I post in my blog and find meaning! Strange, but miscellaneous.

{5} I have a hard time reflecting emotion in the everyday average situation. But give me a good novel, or chick flick with a couple falling in love and I'm fully equipped with tears and goose-bumps. Maybe it's something about the swelling moments that get built up therefore giving me time to categorize and organize my emotions. Real life comes at me so fast sometimes I think I simply leave my game face on and forget to replace it with my impressed one when someone does something amazing for me.

{6} I've been taught that you treat others how you would like to be treated. I like expressing myself in notes, small ones scribble on a mirror or long ones delievered via snail mail. That is how I want the love to be reciprocated. My mother wrote me a note and stuck it in my brown paper bag lunch box til I was a senior in high school. I'm fully confident that if she still lived close enough and I still carried a lunch box to class she would continue this tradition. Perhaps this is when this strange affiliation for paper notes began.

{7} Sheets. Some people change them once every two weeks. Ask anyone who knows me and they'll admit that I'm a bit psycho when it comes to them. I change them at least once a week if not more often. Sometimes it can be 10pm at night, but once I've got it in my mind I need new ones there is no going back. I fret about who's been near or in the sheets and what's touched them. I'd preferably like to see someone administering the clean sheets to the bed before I stay in a different one beside my own. There is nothing better then crawling into clean sheets with wet hair from the shower and falling asleep. It's a personal preference, don't worry I get that.

I'll leave it with that. After all 7's a great number.


  1. So nice to see you blogging again. It's great therapy. Can't wait to read more!

  2. I know the inner fat kid well. Luckily we both have self control or we would die soon and obese. I also love #4. I have no idea if people care about what I write on my blog. Keep it comin becks :)


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