Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8 & 9

I'm sitting here extremely bummed because I was intitally told that student fees in the spring were less than the fall, and it's looking like that is false. And of course I start to get that bahumbug feeling, and the feeling that I'll never have a big girl job, and well basically being irrational. So I am trying to take a step back, feel blessed that I'm lucky enough to be in school with a roof over my head, and know that Christmas will come and go even if I'm a few presents less than what I would like to give out to everyone I love.

{and MOM too!}

Go link up for the last two days of the Holiday Blog Challenge. It's been a blast!

Day 8 {Christmas Wish List} I skipped this day because I already had posted a list, as an addition to Day 1 of the Blog Challenge

Day 9 {New Year's Goals and Resolutions}

I decided to go back to my 101 in 1001 and pick some things that are accomplishable for this coming year. I am a little frustrated with my 101 list because not everything on there is exactly assessable or measurable. We shall see what all gets done, but when I've finished the 101 in 1001 (which will be July of 2013!!!) 
  • Learn to Speak Thai- I am hoping for Rosetta stone for either Christmas or my Birthday so this one should be able to get done in 2012!
  • Take a baking class! I'm going to do it. I think this summer or sometime in the spring will be a great time. 
  • Send even more snail mail. I think I have gotten GREAT at sending snail mail to Bran, my mom, and Triner but I know that others would appreciate getting mail as much as I do.
  • Brandon+West Virginia is happening in 2012. It's ridiculous that he hasn't been up there the entire time we've been dating and I try to go at least twice a year!
  • Hiking, I think I'd like to take up hiking. After all I live so close to the Blue Ridge and apparently there are amazing areas around here. Maybe I will learn to like nature. So I'll give it a shot...
  • Go water skiing or tubing this coming summer 2012. I think I'll probably like this more than hiking ;)
So I know those goals are very specific but that's because the rest of my ideal goals are similar to many of yours. {Live healthy, keep working out, love with all I have, do well in school, find a job I adore, keep planning the wedding of my dreams, and be thankful.}

Happy Thursday! 


  1. Great goals! I think if you are more specific there is a better chance of sticking to them!

  2. Thai huh? That is awesome!! Good luck!


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