Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pintrest=Kitchen Tornado

Mmk so I'm linking up with Vintage Apple AND telling you the tragedy of my kitchen skills. Go link up here and show me whatcha found on Pintrest this week!

 So if you have read any of my blog you have realized that I'm terrible in the kitchen. Both of this disasters are all pintrests fault! I decided to make cake balls the other night...

They are suppose to look like this...

Needless to say mine ended up the garbage can.
First of all I made them with white cake and chocolate frosting. I don't like white cake so I'm not sure why on earth I even had that in the cabinet. When I went to the put the sticks into the actual cake mixture, I opened the bag and dumped the sticks out. They are sticks, therefore they roll. And roll they did all over the kitchen. As I dipped them and tried to swirl them to make a nice smooth layer of chocolate, all I got was lumps. I can't even give these away, who would eat lumpy cake?!
After I dipped the damn things I then realized the shoe box lid I used as make shift Styrofoam wouldn't hold the completed cake pops up. Who has Styrofoam just laying around anyways... Alas a fail. 

The night before I tried the cake pops, I wanted to make something that look relatively easy, Funfetti fudge. 

You just mix a can of condensed milk with white chocolate. Okay but let me tell you this. The recipe says 4-6 cups of chocolate. For this girl who makes up her own measurements, I need something more exact from the actual recipe. Needless to say I ended up with too much milk and not enough chocolate, so while it takes lovely it's still sitting in the fridge because it didn't cut into nice little chunky squares (see picture above). 

too funny!

And with that I'll leave with a yummy image of Tim Tebow (Note* I have ALWAYS been a Denver fan)


  1. I love fudge and haha the sprinkles are always the most fun part to baking I think!

  2. Tim Tebow is possibly the most attractive man ever! Love that guy's spirit (and he's easy on the eyes!) :) I can completely relate with the cake pops.. I've tried TWICE and they've never worked out for me! :(

  3. We so need to be friends because I would eat lumpy chocolate cake!!! lol

  4. LOVE that receipt photo. SO stinkin' funny!

    New follower!


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