Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Target Tuesday and BRAN is coming!

Before I do my favorite link up with Fabulous but Evil, I'd like to let everyone know that Bran is coming tonight and I will get to see him for an entire month! We are finishing up this week here in Knoxville, then stoping by my house to drop off gifts and then down the mountain to Charlotte we will go! I am so excited, I think my holiday is finally beginning since I've pretty much just been at work (and with baby when not at work) =)

WIthout further ado, head over to Target Tuesdays so I can see all the grand stuff you want too!

So the theme for today is things that I would be on my registry. My friend Jess and I were chatting about registering and etiquette and it has me thinking what would I register for? (Obviously Target will be one of my places!) Ugh, we also talked about the website... but I don't wannnna design a website!

We need a book shelf between the chemistry books and all my juicy novels ;) 

Bran doesn't drink coffee but I bet I could get him hooked with this bad boy ;) 

This would make so many of our meals! It's a grill, panini press, AND a griddle!

Okay so I know nothing about vacuums (excpet that you can't give them for Valentine's day, Dad did that one year. Bad idea!) but this one isn't too expensive and it comes in a pinkish color! 

A girl can dream right? ;)

That's all I've got. Have a great Tuesday! 


  1. I need a vacuum! Mine needs to retire, he's been through so much!

  2. I love that grill/panini press! I have always wanted one of those to make quick simple dinners!

  3. I love the multi-use grill. I think I need to go check that out!

  4. i really love that book case! i have a keurig and it is AWESOME! hope you get what you want! :)

  5. that grill looks awesome!! very multi-functional!


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