Friday, December 2, 2011

On the 2nd day of December...

Amber and Neely brought to me Day 5 of the Holiday Challenge.

{Also as a side note, I paid 1.47 for a brand new tire, AND got an A on my final paper for my toughest class.}

Day 5 {Holiday Fashion}

I'm not the most fashionable person, but I am taking a cue from Mia Maree, a new friend I've made from North Carolina and spliting things up. On Christmas Eve we typically only see Brandon's moms side of the family and we all get together to open one gift. 

Most of  this stuff is from H&M and I'd really like to find one close to me here in Knoxville! Probably a little more classy than I will actually wear, but a girl can dream!

On Christmas Day we do the shuffle and this year I'll spend the morning with Bran and his Moms family, then we will rush over to see his Dad and Grandmother, and then head to the mountains to do Christmas with my family. The outfit will probably look similar to the one featured above, but know that for the morning half I will be in cute pjs. 

All right, I won't be as cute as she is but something to that extent ;)

Dream PJs from Victoria Secret!

Last but not least will be New Years. The last two years we have gotten together with a few other couples, and last year we actually spent New Years in Charlotte. It was freezing but I think I looked sorta cute. My new professional job has gotten me a much more stylish (I think) wardrobe so maybe this year I'll look something like this. {Note, I wasn't 21 last New Years so we were slightly limited on what we did!}

Again from Victoria Secret... Maybe I should have asked for a gift card from there!
Happy Friday, have a great weekend and go link up for some fun. 


  1. Great picks! Your xmas outfit looks so comfy!

  2. That sweater is SO cute, but looks so comfy at the same time! love!


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