Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st Means...

Only 24 days left to buy everyone exactly what they want. I discovered putting pictures and such of things I'm longing for on my blog, results in great things. Everyone can pick what they want without me directly telling them what to do =)

Before I start the list, here is a holiday video I just love!

(All the items are linked up to the site, so everyone can get more info if one chooses so)

Toms- These look SO comfortable and I know I just keep mentioning them! Size 8 please. I like that pair linked, and I also like this pair here

Monogram I-Phone Case- Okay so these are expensive but I would like a big B. I wouldn't mind my full monogram as long as whoever is buying knows that I will get a new case when it changes ;) Any from this website would do because I can't pick one!

Rain Coat- This jacket is on clearance from Target right now. I LOOOVE it in Purple, or Red, or even Yellow! Act quickly before it's gone. Size Medium please!

New Mac Battery and Charger- Dad said this would be his electronic gift but I wanted to put it up here either way. =) I have a 13 inch that was bought in 2007.

A Hand Mixer. Any color any brand will do, it has just been difficult to bake this semester without a mixer!

Denver Bronco Hoodie or Long Sleeve Shirt. I really like this charcoal shirt. 
(A new Denver calendar would also be GREAT!)

Nike or Underarmor pants. I want them a little baggy but still athletic enough that I can run in them outside and such. I can't find the pair I loved in Dicks but Brandon should be able to pick them out ;) In line with baggy-er pants I'd love a new pair of Vicotria Secret pants. I've worn the heck out of the ones I have. Size medium. Those even have a pocket! (Just don't want a pair that folds over)

Gray Boots- Size 7.5! Here's a pair from Target that are 30.00

(You could get free shipping if you ordered these boots and the raincoat from Target...I'm just sayin' ;) )

Winter Jacket- I'm lovin' this one from Target. Red, yellow, brown. Any color in Medium

Bath and Body Works Lotion and Body Wash- Charmed! I've been wanting this since it came out. It's got a big ole' diamond ring on it and it smells devine!

Brita Water Filters- I never buy these for myself 

Black and White no show socks! I swear the laundry monster eats mine faster than I can buy em'. 

Tupperware- I have nothing to put all the yummy food I attempt to cook into!

Spatulas, cooking utensils, A CAN OPENER! (I have to borrow the girl across the halls every-time I open a can)

Okay that's probably way more than any of you wanted to see but I am very thankful that I even get to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends so any gifts are just a bonus. Have a great Thursday, can't wait for the weekend to arrive!

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