Friday, December 9, 2011

The Lasts

Today is the last day of Neely and Amber's Holiday Blog Challenge. It's been an absolute blast and I'm so glad that I've gotten to follow new blogs and make some new bloggy friends!

It's also the last day that our Residence Hall building is open, which means next week it's just me and the little one I babysit for some extra holiday cash! This weekend I think I'm also going to try my hand at some margaritta cupcakes, and some hard core Christmas gift crafting so I'll be sure to keep you all updated. It will certaininly get quiet here quick. But on the good side I'll be going home soon AND Brandon will be here Tuesday night!

Day 10 { NYE Memories & Pictures}
   I honestly can't remember ever doing too much. I'm not a crazy drinker or party-er (and Bran doesn't drink) so we aren't too crazy New Years Eve.

  • 2008; Bran and I were in Flat Rock (my house) and my twin brothers were 14 and SO excited to do really big fireworks. (They do an anual 4th of July extravaganza, so they wanted NYE to be on par). We bought a batch from Wal-Mart and they realized at about 8pm that they were all boring ground sparkly things. So this big sister got in the Chevy Tracker and hit the first South Carolina illegal fireworks place on the side of the road and got the biggest best pack I could find. The three guys (Bran included) then set them off at midnight and then we went to bed.
  • 2009; My family and Bran were in the Bahamas! We watched the twins dance the night away in the hotel lobby and saw fireworks. My first kiss of 2010 was on the beach and while we weren't doing anything spectacular, it was a lovely way to spend NYE.
  •  2010; We actually went out last year!! We went with Bran's best friends family to a Charlotte basketball game and then to dinner in downtown Charlotte. We had originally all gotten a hotel room but decided to come back to Monroe(Bran being an always sober driver really helps in instances like this) ie Home. We drank bubbly at midnight and watched fireworks from the driveway.

I'm excited for 2011! I don't know what we will be doing, or where we will be doing it but I know that Bran will be with me as my first 2012 kiss!


  1. Bahamas! That's awesome! They all sound so nice, and isn't it always the best when you spend it with your love :)

  2. Those are my favorite ways to spend NYE. I love how you say first kiss of "year" haha. Can't wait to have my first kiss of the new year with my hubby!


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